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Bytecoin Short Description

Bytecoin is an open-sourced, private and untraceable cryptocurrency that was started in 2012. Bytecoin is the first coin that implemented CryptoNote technology as a default aspect to build a project. Launched in 2012, Bytecoin was widely spread in the Dark Net as one of the popular available methods for payment. The main thing that separates Bytecoin from most of the other coins is total anonymity - as soon as your transaction appears on a blockchain, your address can’t be viewed by anyone. Bytecoin is the forefather of all of the anonymous cryptocurrencies based on CryptoNote technology.

Here’s a list of the tech features and specifications Bytecoin has:. Ring Signatures. A Ring signature is a special type of digital signature that can be created by someone from a group of users, but it is unknown who exactly the signer is. Imagine a letter that is signed by a group of 10 people. You know that one of them signed the letter, but there’s no way to identify who it actually was (you may only guess). This introduces the untraceability property, which means that for any Bytecoin payment there is a number of equal probable senders.

Unlinkable Transactions. Unlinkable transactions make the Bytecoin blockchain resistant to being scanned, which means it’s possible to see the details of a user’s transaction, but no one will know the sender or the recipient. Stealth Addresses. With stealth addresses it’s not possible to know the sender and the recipient because of the outputs associated with certain addresses, moreover, it’s impossible to know who belongs to a certain output. The complexity of the features above makes Bytecoin absolutely unique..


Bytecoin Explanation Video

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Organization: Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Name: Whois Agent (315365053)
Country: US
City: Kirkland
Zipcode: 98083
Address: [ "PO Box 639", "C/O" ]
Creation date: 2011-06-11
Expiration date: 2020-06-11
Nameserver: NS1.HE.NET

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Bytecoin Whitepaper

Bytecoin (BCN) is the first cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote technology with an open source code designed for anonymous cash settlement. BCN protects the user's privacy with impassive and anonymous transactions.

The whitepaper of Bytecoin is 20 Pages long.

The most influencial keywords are: Bitcoin, Transactions, Signatures, Keys, Pages, Anonymous, Incoming transaction, Time, Blocks, and Public.

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Bytecoin Competitors

  • 1.) Electroneum

    Electroneum is a new cryptocurrency, made mainly for your mobile, making it easy for you to send, receive and securely trade digital money on your smartphone.

  • 2.) Lethean

    Lethean is the fuel and operating currency for our peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized VPN. It is based on the CryptoNote technology and uses the exclusive CryptoNight algorithm. Following development and integration of VPN capabilities into the wallet (see roadmap below), the Intense wallet will allow any network user to act as a VPN exit node in exchange for Lethean. In order to act as a node, staking of Lethean in the wallet will be required, fostering currency utilization and network growth. This establishes a novel approach to staking and creates a hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake (PoW/PoS) purpose for Intense. Beyond VPN technology, we want Lethean to be useable by more than crypto enthusiasts! We aim for Intense to become a coin brand that can be utilized, adapted & traded without entry barriers. Imagine your parents or non techy friends are using Intense for the daily shopping rounds as it is just that simple to use without the technical hick hack around it. Our goal is for Intense to be a crypto brand that can be utilized for exchange of various goods and services with minimal barriers. We want to re-brand crypto from a privilege for technophiles to a method of compensation accessible by everyday people.

  • 3.) Karbo

    Karbo is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange network and stable exchange medium, designed to be used by customers and merchants as private Internet money that respects and protects their privacy. It does not have centralized management or issuer and ensures privacy and anonymity of transactions without intermediaries and regulators. Its units of exchange are units of information, cryptographically protected (encrypted) from copying and counterfeiting by the blockchain technology.


Bytecoin Product Analysis

Bytecoin was founded back in July 2012. Its source code was released publicly on github on February 2018 under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 license.
Organization wise, Bytecoins Development is Semi-centralized and is being developed under the lead of a non-public figure..

The consensus on which the Bytecoin network is run is called Proof of Work, while the underlying algorithm is called CryptoNight.
In the current state of Bytecoin currently is Working product

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Bytecoin Communities & Events

Bytecoin is a private, decentralized cryptocurrency with an open source code that allows everyone to take part in the network development of Bytecoin. Privacy and security are naturally proponents of Bytecoin and it’s best solution for those who want to keep their finances private.

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BCN News Channel:

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Official Twitter account for Bytecoin

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Happy holidays! We are pleased to announce that BCN has been listed on @AtomarsExchange - user-friendly, fast and secure trading platform. Our users are welcome to trade it now with BTC and ETH pairs, and zero trading fee until Jan 23: $BCN #Bytecoin 69 favorite
A brief update from the Bytecoin Team in our blog: $BCN #Bytecoin #crypto 63 favorite
Dear Community! We’ve found a lot of suspicious companies that have similar names to Bytecoin. We want to remind our users that you can find the list of where you can buy/sell Bytecoin in the ecosystem section on our site. Please be careful! $BCN #Bytecoin 75 favorite
Is crypto market a threat to the financial security? Let's discuss in this week's Max's Corner: $BCN #Bytecoin #MaxCorner #Cryptonews #Crypto 42 favorite
While we all are waiting for the new Max's Corner that is to be released this week, let's recollect the last one about Edward Snowden and his memoir: $BCN #Bytecoin #MaxCorner #Cryptonews #Crypto #Snowden 38 favorite
Some insight about this controversial figure and what his story could mean for the rest of us, this week in Max's Corner: $BCN #Bytecoin #MaxCorner #Cryptonews #Crypto #Snowden 31 favorite
The Bytecoin devs have released an update on the product development strategy. You can read more in the blog: $BCN #Bytecoin #roadmap 57 favorite
Max talks about the latest whale sighting and other rumors in the new edition of Max’s Corner. Read more on CryptoDaily: $BCN #Bytecoin #MaxCorner #Cryptonews #TechNews #whale 28 favorite
In his new column Max takes us to the first Swiss Global Digital Summit that was held this week in Geneva and drew some of the biggest figures from the tech and business worlds. $BCN #Bytecoin #MaxCorner #Cryptonews #SwissDigitalDay #TechNews 35 favorite
Today the Bytecoin community has the opportunity to get to know a new end-to-end secure web wallet - Bytecoin Zero. More about this release in our blog: $BCN #Bytecoin #Crypto #release #cryptocurrency 57 favorite

There are no events for Bytecoin in the next 3 Months


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The Google Trends chart displays the search interest on google in Bytecoin relative to its peak over the last year. A rising chart shows growing interest int he project.

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Code Updates (Commits)

Every change to the codebase of Bytecoin is registered as a commit. More active projects have many commits, dead projects nearly none.

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Extending a project results in many new lines of code. Changing existing code results in nearly the same amount of additions and deletions. Projects that are growing show a large number of code additions with relatively few deletions.

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usb 167 Forks
sync_problem 43 Open Issues
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lock_open GNU Lesser G License

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Convert between BCN and USD with the live Bytecoin prices, aggregated from all big exchanges that trade Bytecoin.


Market insights

Volume from exchanges is considered untrusted if the exchange has little reputation and no License but reports suspiciously high trading volume in particular coins.

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Bytecoin Team

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Bytecoin Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Poloniex BCN/USDT $ 0.000300 $ 75,013 check
# 2 Poloniex BCN/BTC $ 0.000293 $ - check
# 3 HitBTC BCN/USDT $ 0.000238 $ 6,254 clear
# 4 HitBTC BCN/BTC $ 0.000238 $ 4,801 clear
# 5 HitBTC BCN/EOS $ 0.000225 $ 419 clear
# 6 HitBTC BCN/ETH $ 0.000235 $ 1,475 clear
# 7 Crex24 BCN/BTC $ 0.000235 $ 1,051 clear
# 8 BCN/USDT $ 0.000208 $ 468 clear
# 9 BCN/BTC $ 0.000188 $ 386 clear
# 10 CoinDeal BCN/BTC $ 0.000188 $ 97 clear


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