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Bitcoin Gold was created in 2017 through a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. It is a community-led project to create an experimental hard fork of Bitcoin to a new proof-of-work algorithm. The Bitcoin Gold community initiated the fork as part of its mission to make Bitcoin mining decentralized again.

The community claims that Satoshi Nakamoto’s idealistic vision of “one CPU one vote” has been superseded by a reality dominated by a very small number of entities, some of whom have allegedly engaged in abusive practices against individual miners and the Bitcoin network as a whole, such as influencing Bitcoin price. The Bitcoin Gold blockchain contains the full transaction history of the Bitcoin blockchain up until the fork date, including the exact balances of Bitcoins held in wallets around the world, providing insights on Bitcoin price and other details about these wallets. Wallet addresses that contain Bitcoin immediately before the fork were given an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Gold immediately after the fork.

The Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold blockchains both continue onward independently after the fork, with the Bitcoin Gold organization providing support for the latter. A crypto endowment held in multi-sig, time-locked wallets is funding current and future operations of the organization. Bitcoin price..


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Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
Name: WhoisGuard Protected
Country: PA
City: Panama
Zipcode: Unknown
Address: P.O. Box 0823-03411
Creation date: 2017-03-08
Expiration date: 2022-03-08

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BTG Whitepaper

Bitcoin Gold is a Hard Fork of Bitcoin, that allows you to mine Bitcoin Gold with GPU. BTG implements a new PoW algorithm, Equihash, that makes mining decentralized again with ASIC resistant algorithm. Premine: 100 000 BTG

The whitepaper of Bitcoin Gold is 12 Pages long.

The most influencial keywords are: Bitcoin, Mined, Block, Developers, Gold, Network, Mining decentralized, Algorithm, Asics, and Hard fork.

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BTG Competitors

  • 1.) Dash

    Dash is Digital Cash, offering near-instant payments, thanks to InstantSend and masternodes function. Also including PrivateSend function, which enables sending coins in the private manner.

  • 2.) Bytecoin

    Bytecoin (BCN) is the first cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote technology with an open source code designed for anonymous cash settlement. BCN protects the user's privacy with impassive and anonymous transactions.

  • 3.) Electroneum

    Electroneum is a UK-based cryptocurrency consisting of around 50 employees. Launched in 2017 with a $40 million ICO, their platform provided a mobile-first payment solution for the world’s unbanked population, which to this day accounts for more than 1 billion people worldwide. Whilst the Electroneum app enables anyone to hold and transfer value in ETN instantly across the world at very little cost (a fraction of a US cent), it’s their complimentary platforms that has led the company to become one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies to-date with 4+ million users worldwide. From a regulatory standpoint, Electroneum voluntarily introduced KYC and AML compliance procedures in 2018 ahead of the European 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, ensuring all new users are onboarded accordingly and that Electroneum operates within guidelines set out by the 5th EU AML directive (and as subsequently enshrined in the laws of England & Wales).


BTG Product Analysis

Bitcoin Gold was founded back in October 2017. Its source code was released publicly on github on July 2017 under the MIT License license.
Organization wise, Bitcoin Golds Development is Semi-centralized and is being developed under the lead of Jack Liao.

The consensus on which the Bitcoin Gold network is run is called Proof of Work, while the underlying algorithm is called Equihash.
In the current state of Bitcoin Gold currently is Working product

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BTG Communities & Events

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is an open-source, community-driven cryptocurrency. We share a codebase and blockchain history with Bitcoin, but bring mining power back to individuals by preventing ASICs from overpowering the hashpool. We're pro-Bitcoin and pro-crypto, and we're here for the long haul!

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Official Bitcoin Gold Telegram Group


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Official Twitter account for Bitcoin Gold

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The Google Trends chart displays the search interest on google in Bitcoin Gold relative to its peak over the last year. A rising chart shows growing interest int he project.

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BTG Github Analysis

Code Updates (Commits)

Every change to the codebase of Bitcoin Gold is registered as a commit. More active projects have many commits, dead projects nearly none.

Code line changes (+/-)

Extending a project results in many new lines of code. Changing existing code results in nearly the same amount of additions and deletions. Projects that are growing show a large number of code additions with relatively few deletions.

Programming languages

Repository Numbers

star 577 Stars
remove_red_eye 145 Watchers
usb 319 Forks
sync_problem 9 Open Issues
border_color 12.12 % Comment Coverage
lock_open MIT License License

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Converter BTG - USD

Convert between BTG and USD with the live Bitcoin Gold prices, aggregated from all big exchanges that trade Bitcoin Gold.


Market insights

Volume from exchanges is considered untrusted if the exchange has little reputation and no License but reports suspiciously high trading volume in particular coins.

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BTG Team

BTG Team Leader

Alejandro Regojo - Project manager, co-founder, board
Bitcoin Gold project manager and co-founder

supervisor_accountSocial Network Links

BTG Team Members (16)


Jack Liao




Lead developer / co-founder


Martin Kuvandzhiev

Co-founder / core developer


Franco Niebles

Lead designer & co-founder


Edward Iskra

Communication director


Igor Soshkin

Marketing director


Jack Mandelberg-Litten

Community coordinator


Gustavo del Río

Social media


Juan G. Sánchez

Web developer


Lwillys Tafur



Ivan Yankov

Legal advisor

compare_arrows BTG Exchanges

BTG Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Binance BTG/BTC $ 31.43043 $ 1,694,163 check
# 2 Bitfinex BTG/BTC $ 31.47179 $ 56,740 check
# 3 Bitfinex BTG/USD $ 31.58100 $ 53,896 check
# 4 Bithumb BTG/KRW $ 32.43147 $ 3,327,791 clear
# 5 HitBTC BTG/USDT $ 31.65206 $ 1,448,931 clear
# 6 Bequant BTG/USDT $ 31.65206 $ 1,448,931 clear
# 7 HitBTC BTG/BTC $ 31.49542 $ 856,471 clear
# 8 Bequant BTG/BTC $ 31.49542 $ 856,471 clear
# 9 HitBTC BTG/ETH $ 31.62337 $ 125,471 clear
# 10 Bequant BTG/ETH $ 31.62337 $ 125,471 clear


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