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BitShares Short Description

BitShares (BTS) was first introduced in a White Paper titled “A Peer-to-Peer Polymorphic Digital Asset Exchange” by Daniel Larimer, Charles Hoskinson, and Stan Larimer. It is a brand of open-source software based on the as blockchain technology as used by Bitcoin.

Unlike bitcoins, which do not produce any income for their owners, BitShare can be used to launch Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) which issue shares, produce profits and distribute profits to shareholders. As such, BitShares is about making profitable companies that people want to own shares in, thus creating the return for the shareholders.

The first DAC launched by this process was called BitSharesX, a decentralized asset exchange based in Hong Kong. BitShares was originally launched under the name of ProtoShares (PTS); it was later renamed to BitShares (BTS) and "reloaded" in November 2014 by merging several products into BitShares (BTS).xxx..


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Bitshares explained - What are bitshares and what is BITUSD | David Hay

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Organization: [ "Move Institute (RN: 2098555000)", "Redacted for Privacy Purposes" ]
Name: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Country: SI
City: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Zipcode: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Address: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Mail: a
Creation date: 2013-05-14
Expiration date: 2021-05-14

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BitShares Whitepaper

BitShares is a public, blockchain-based, real-time financial platform. It provides a decentralised asset exchange. BTS is a cryptocurrency token, which can be transferred between accounts, and is used to collect fees for network operations and as a collateral for loans.

The whitepaper of BitShares is 4 Pages long.

The most influencial keywords are: Blockchain, Blocks, Keys, Operations, Transactions, Tokens, Fees, Times, Bitshares, and Vote.

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BitShares Competitors

  • 1.) Waves

    Waves is an open-source blockchain platform, developed, marketed, and operated by Waves Platform AG, that allows users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens. Users can create, transfer and exchange blockchain tokens on a peer-to-peer basis, paying transaction fees in the native WAVES token.

  • 2.) Achain

    Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels to issue tokens and create smart contracts, decentralized applications and blockchain systems. Achain is committed to building a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions.

  • 3.) Metaverse ETP

    Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain that aims to provide asset digitization and identity capabilities. Through Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), we make convenient, secure digital finance services accessible to all Internet applications at virtually no cost.


BitShares Product Analysis

BitShares was founded back in July 2014. Its source code was released publicly on github on October 2015 under the MIT License license.
Organization wise, BitSharess Development is Decentralized and is being developed under the lead of Ryan R. Fox.

The consensus on which the BitShares network is run is called Delegated Proof of Stake, while the underlying algorithm is called DPoS.
In the current state of BitShares currently is Working product

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BitShares Communities & Events

view_list r/bitshares Subreddit
person 6,938 Subscribers
directions_run 74 Active Users
create 1 Daily Posts
speaker_notes 2 Daily Comments
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Welcome to @BitSharesDEX @BitSharesEXCHANGES @BitSharesDEXfaq
Set a profile photo and read the @BitSharesDEXterms before posting.

view_list BitShares Channel
person 288 Members
directions_run 18 Online
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Official Twitter account for BitShares

view_list @bitshares Channel
person 89,295 Followers
Back in November, BitShares was proud to co-present the #Decentralized19 conference along with #unic. Here's a small teaser video of our presence there. (Longer version coming soon) 61 favorite
#decentralized19 was a huge success! #bitshares would like to thank #unic, @polemitis, @unicsox and everyone involved as well as all participants & attendees. Special shout out to @antony_btc, @iang_fc, @chaumdotcom, @adam3us, @strangethingitl for some excellent conversations. 56 favorite
13 new improvements to the core BitShares protocol up for voting, including cutting edge stuff such as Custom Authorities, P2P leveraged trading, a generalized asset-handling solution for dApps and multiple governance improvements. 18 favorite
Just 3 weeks left until #Decentralized19 ! If you plan to attend, you can use #BitShares coupon code "bts50vip" to get 50% off regular ticket price! 11 favorite
The BitShares Blockchain offers full featured order books and order matching, both natively built-in (the DEX) and completely transparent and auditable on the blockchain. On top of that, it offers a token factory that allows anyone to create their own tokens without hassle. 17 favorite
BitShares partners with the University of Nicosia to present the "Decentralized 2019" conference in Athens. Read our press release for full details and a special 50% discount! #Decentralized19 #poweredbyunicbitshares 41 favorite
Another BitShares-based business, #everprove to present their achievements at #decentralizedeu. #poweredbyunicbitshares 14 favorite
#Decentralized19 keynote to be delivered by @ryanrfox, #BitShares Core Team Development coordinator. Other keynote speakers include: @adam3us, @EvaKaili, @PerianneDC, @antony_btc and @timdraper. #poweredbyunicbitshares 10 favorite
#BitShares has joined the University of Nicosia as event partners to co-present the @DecentralizedEu conference #decentralized19! 22 favorite
14:57 11 favorite

There are no events for BitShares in the next 3 Months


BitShares Google Trends

The Google Trends chart displays the search interest on google in BitShares relative to its peak over the last year. A rising chart shows growing interest int he project.

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BitShares Github Analysis

Code Updates (Commits)

Every change to the codebase of BitShares is registered as a commit. More active projects have many commits, dead projects nearly none.

Code line changes (+/-)

Extending a project results in many new lines of code. Changing existing code results in nearly the same amount of additions and deletions. Projects that are growing show a large number of code additions with relatively few deletions.

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star 1,073 Stars
remove_red_eye 174 Watchers
usb 590 Forks
sync_problem 227 Open Issues
border_color 5.31 % Comment Coverage
lock_open MIT License License

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Converter BTS - USD

Convert between BTS and USD with the live BitShares prices, aggregated from all big exchanges that trade BitShares.


Market insights

Volume from exchanges is considered untrusted if the exchange has little reputation and no License but reports suspiciously high trading volume in particular coins.

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BitShares Team

BitShares Team Leader

Daniel Larimer - Ceo/cto
Daniel Larimer(BM) is a software programmer and cryptocurrency serial entrepreneur. Larimer created the cryptocurrency platform BitShares (2014), was co-founder of the blockchain social platform Steemit (2016), and is CTO, a private company that was the original developer of EOS (2017). Daniel Larimer was also the creator of the DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm) consensus algorithm and Graphene technology.

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BitShares Team Members (7)

Ryan R. Fox

Development coordinator of bitshares


Vikram Rajkumar

Blockchain developer


Fabian Schuh

Blockchain developer


Core developer

Alfredo Garcia

Core developer

Bill Butler

Ux/ui liaison

Peter Conrad

Core developer

compare_arrows BitShares Exchanges

BitShares Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Binance BTS/BTC $ 0.037877 $ 7,191,043 check
# 2 Binance BTS/BUSD $ 0.037803 $ 539,958 check
# 3 Bittrex BTS/BTC $ 0.043569 $ 103,970 check
# 4 Poloniex BTS/BTC $ 0.043259 $ 75,963 check
# 5 Binance BTS/USDT $ 0.037915 $ 9,687,192 check
# 6 CoinTiger BTS/BTC $ 0.037774 $ 77,692 clear
# 7 CoinTiger BTS/ETH $ 0.034873 $ 27,061 clear
# 8 Huobi Korea BTS/USDT $ 0.034923 $ 14,420 clear
# 9 Huobi Korea BTS/BTC $ 0.034876 $ 155 clear
# 10 Huobi Korea BTS/ETH $ 0.034972 $ 80 clear


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