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The banking industry does not look the way it should in the age of digitalisation and decentralisation. On one hand, the blockchain ecosystem is experiencing exponential growth in asset value creation while available financial management solutions remain extremely limited.

On the other hand, the off-chain financial ecosystem operates with obsolete technologies and professional wealth management services that remain exclusive to elite clients while the vast majority is strictly cut-off. It is still difficult for the financial industry to confront reality despite signs of change in clients’ expectations.

There is an urgent need for a community-centric investment framework. Whether you are an individual, a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), or a financial expert, SwissBorg’s objective is to create a democratic, decentralised and professional ecosystem to manage your portfolio of crypto assets..


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Organization: DATA REDACTED
Country: CH
Mail: r
Creation date: 2015-12-17
Expiration date: 2021-12-17

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SwissBorg Whitepaper

SwissBorg is a wealthtech offering Swiss-made crypto investment solutions to the world.

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SwissBorg Competitors

  • 1.) Golem

    Golem is a global, open source, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. It is made up of the combined power of users’ machines, from PCs to entire data centers.

  • 2.) Hurify

    Hurify is a platform to facilitate the development of Internet of Things (“IoT”) projects, including the matching of project owners with project managers and project development subcontractors, and hardware and software vendors within the IoT ecosystem. We combine global IoT development talent matching, smart contract-based IoT project management and e-commerce to facilitate IoT project development.

  • 3.) Basic Attention Token

    Basic Attention Token radically improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on the Brave platform. The utility of the token is based on user attention, which simply means a person’s focused mental engagement.


SwissBorg Product Analysis

SwissBorg was founded back in September 2017. Its source code was released publicly on github on January 2018 under the Apache License 2.0 license.
Organization wise, SwissBorgs Development is Semi-centralized and is being developed under the lead of a non-public figure..

The consensus on which the SwissBorg network is run is called Not mineable, while the underlying algorithm is called None.
In the current state of SwissBorg currently is On-going development

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SwissBorg Communities & Events

We're a fintech team and community dedicated to improving the crypto space by making it secure, fair & accessible to all. With a sophisticated financial engine, the SwissBorg Wealth App, our showcase product gives the user the freedom and security to buy Bitcoin and other digital assets with ease, with best price execution. The SwissBorg Wealth app uses the latest technology to bring digital asset expertise. Our Community app is an educational game that helps you predict the price of Bitcoin.

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A big thank you to Onfido for helping us create an onboarding process that's both fast 💨 and secure 🔐 creating the best experience for our community, while keeping their data safe. 👉 96 favorite
Curious about the ever-expanding world of crypto? Learn about utility tokens vs security tokens vs payment tokens like #BTC in our latest breakdown: #crypto #cryptocurrencies #digitalassets #tokens #utilitytoken #securitytoken #defi 56 favorite
The SwissBorg Cyborg Quest is live! 🤖 Take part in the first multiverse Quest on #ethereum, powered by @enjin today! 🚀 67 favorite
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Happy Swiss National Day! 🇨🇭🎉 As a Swiss scaleup, we're proud to embody Swiss quality and precision 🙌 and want to say a big thank you to the Swiss community that has supported us since the beginning. 💚 143 favorite
The partnership of #Gaming and #Crypto is a match made in heaven❣️In a truly decentralized initiative, 8 #blockchain #gamedevelopment teams collaborated with @enjin and our team to develop Cyborg's Quest! Starts August 3rd. 🎮🪙 @alex_fazel @TinMan_tweets 147 favorite

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Convert between CHSB and USD with the live SwissBorg prices, aggregated from all big exchanges that trade SwissBorg.


Market insights

Volume from exchanges is considered untrusted if the exchange has little reputation and no License but reports suspiciously high trading volume in particular coins.

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SwissBorg Team

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SwissBorg Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 YoBit CHSB/USD $ 0.118579 $ 16 clear
# 2 YoBit CHSB/DOGE $ 0.120753 $ 1 clear
# 3 HitBTC CHSB/BTC $ 0.139696 $ 1,473,871 clear
# 4 HitBTC CHSB/ETH $ 0.141404 $ 409,323 clear
# 5 Kucoin CHSB/BTC $ 0.140113 $ 314,129 clear
# 6 Kucoin CHSB/ETH $ 0.142281 $ 165,360 clear
# 7 YoBit CHSB/BTC $ 0.110174 $ 3,420 clear
# 8 YoBit CHSB/RUB $ 0.109306 $ 20 clear
# 9 YoBit CHSB/ETH $ 0.119751 $ 7 clear
# 10 YoBit CHSB/WAVES $ 0.120646 $ 7 clear


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