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The Divi Project is "Crypto Made Easy", making it usable by average people by hiding the complicated tech of crypto behind a familiar and user-friendly experience. We’re turning complex tasks into one-click solutions, such as our masternode program, which was the first to be installable with a single click within our wallet. Divi’s technology is designed to reduce user error.

We're building a user-friendly crypto payments platform and ecosystem that for the first time will take the fear and confusion out of transacting. Our multi-coin wallet will connect accounts with names, emails, photos, logos, and other identifying meta-data so that users can transact using Divi, Bitcoin, and their favorite cryptos in a user-friendly way. Our Chain Lightning Network technology will enable Divi to scale up to virtually any number of transactions, and they will be nearly free and instantaneous. Adapted from Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and applied to our fourth-generation blockchain, Divi’s Lightning implementation solves many key problems restricting Bitcoin. Because of this, we will bring a user-friendly version to the crypto market far earlier, resulting in a superior bi-layered protocol.

Although not well known in the Crypto world, the Divi Project has been presented on national television multiple times, including interviews on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, at Nasdaq, Bold TV, Twit TV, and with TechRepublic. Divi also won third place in the crypto “Shark Tank” competition at the World Crypto Convention in Las Vegas, with judges such as Brock Pierce and legendary investor Ronnie Moas. The Divi team includes many prominent advisers, such as former Yahoo Chief Solutions Officer Tim Sanders, futurist Ramez Naam, former Coin Telegraph CEO Toni Lane Casserly, Doug Scott the former President of Ogilvy Entertainment, and top crypto influencers Joel Comm and Travis Wright from the Bad Crypto Podcast..


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THE DIVI PROJECT - Crypto Made Easy | The Divi Project

Welome to the Divi Project. A new blockchain project. We look forward to bringing our revolutionary development to the Crypto world We invite you to participate ...

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Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
Name: WhoisGuard Protected
Country: PA
City: Panama
Zipcode: Unknown
Address: P.O. Box 0823-03411
Mail: abuse@namecheap.com
Creation date: 2017-07-18
Expiration date: 2021-07-18

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Divi Whitepaper

Divi is a true crypto wallet, not just an account service. Take advantage of powerful features such as the option to secure your personal funds with multiple signatures. Features include: We created a new type of blockchain ecosystem that stores names and meta-data along with transactions. A user photo, email, phone number, and other details can be associated with an account. We have the world’s first multi-layered masternode system with five levels of increasing rewards. In another world’s first, our masternodes can be installed on a computer or in the cloud by any level of user - with a single click using our MOCCI. We will have a built-in governance system whereby our coin holders will vote on leadership, spending proposals and various aspects of Divi's key metrics and core functions, controlling the profit-generating process. We believe the Divi Project’s governance system to be the most advanced created so far in the world of crypto. Premine: 617.160.600 DIVI

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Divi Competitors

  • 1.) ALQO

    ALQO, ‘A Liquid Object,’ is a scalable payment network with a focus on creating a liquid digital asset ecosystem powered by its proprietary blockchain, FALQON. With FALQON, ALQO aims to ultimately compete with high throughput centralized payment networks like VISA, MasterCard, through the implementation of a decentralized node network.

  • 2.) Denarius

    Building upon the original Bitcoin. Denarius features changes such as Stealth Addresses, Native TOR, Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps, Proof of Data, Hybrid MasterNode System (Fortuna Stakes), Encrypted Messaging, Multi-Signature Addresses & Transactions, and Tribus (a new PoW hashing algorithm). A maximum of 10,000,000 D is to be created during the hybrid PoW/PoS lifecycle of 3 years, which then transitions to Proof of Stake (6% APR) entirely after the first 3 years. Denarius has a Hybrid MasterNode system named Fortuna Stakes. It aims to have a fair distribution reward system which ensures that all Fortuna Stakes receive the same income over time. Fortuna Stakes reportedly receive 33% of each POW & POS block that is mined. FS/MN Collateral is 5000 D. Tribus (Latin for three) is the Proof of Work hashing algorithm used in Denarius. Tribus consists of three of what it believes to be the most popular and secure cryptography algorithms that were featured in the NIST5: JH, Keccak, and Echo. Premine: 1 000 000 D

  • 3.) BitGreen

    First launched in 2017 to provide an energy-efficient alternative to Bitcoin and proof of work consensus, BitGreen utilizes its proprietary protocol and behavioral science to catalyze everyday impactful actions at scale. Funded by the blockchain’s governance protocol, users are able to discover and act on impact opportunities, such as using bikeshare programs or volunteering, and are rewarded with BITG, all through the BitGReen light wallet app. Users can also explore a growing global ecosystem of sustainable vendors, vetted charities, and carbon offset programs all accepting or distributing BITG. All BITG holders are members of the BitGreen community and can nominate new impact actions and causes to be adopted. Incorporated in Wyoming, with an office in New York City and a global community, the BitGreen community is executing on the potential that blockchain has for shaping a healthy, resilient and just world. Premine: 500 000 BITG


Divi Product Analysis

Divi was founded back in October 2017. Its source code was released publicly on github on January 2018 under the UNSPECIFIED license.
Organization wise, Divis Development is Centralized and is being developed under the lead of Toni Lane Casserly.

The consensus on which the Divi network is run is called Proof of Stake, while the underlying algorithm is called POS 3.0.
In the current state of Divi currently is On-going development

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Divi Communities & Events

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RULES: https://goo.gl/BJNfKW
Website - https://diviproject.org
Announcements: https://t.me/diviannouncements
Whitepaper - https://goo.gl/jZcpj5
BTCTalk - https://goo.gl/FBTCN3
Reddit - https://reddit.com/r/DiviProject
Facebook - https://goo.gl/8z

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Come join us here at Divi Project with our founder Nick Saponaro & this week’s Live at Five! Catch up on all things Divi and don’t miss a thing... 93 favorite
DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 66 Is Live! Interview with @AliMizaniOskui From FiCAS @BTCA_Official Listen on SoundCloud https://t.co/2TYnyG2CLU Listen on Spotify https://t.co/BwRaAnSOkJ https://t.co/kGUaTT9zlO 81 favorite
20 minutes to 5, come and watch Live at 5 for everything new in Divi world. 80 favorite
DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 65 is live! The Past Remade For Tomorrow - Interview With @zerolabsauto Listen on SoundCloud https://t.co/KcE7KkmqlD Listen on Spotify https://t.co/871bRbDWa6 https://t.co/RlQjnJrOTn 89 favorite
It's that time of the week again here at Divi, so don't forget to join us for Live at 5 for everything you need to know, Divi Fans! Don't miss a thing! 91 favorite
Read about our partnership with @ZapProtocol, wrapped $DIVI (eDivi) on Ethereum, and more in their latest blog update https://t.co/3xQgZ3p4Bw 210 favorite
DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 64 is live! Empowering Businesses Interview With @GildedFinance Listen on SoundCloud https://t.co/f1dZtLUCx3 Listen on Spotify https://t.co/BWkDk7R7JS https://t.co/aJKS2UaErB 100 favorite
Don’t forget to join us live here in 15 minutes! Don’t be late: We have so much news! 78 favorite
40 minutes till #DiviLiveAtFive! https://t.co/C0GeB8Bt0H 79 favorite
Come join us here at Divi with our founder @NSapProductions with this week's Live at Five! Catch up on all things Divi and don't miss a thing. 94 favorite

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remove_red_eye 19 Watchers
usb 38 Forks
sync_problem 28 Open Issues
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Divi Team

Divi Team Leader

Geoff Mccabe - Chief executive officer
Geoff has an M.S. in Physics/Materials Engineering from UCF. He's a serial entrepreneur and leader of several startups, with up to $12 million in yearly sales and over 1000 employees. He's founder/owner of top VR site virtualrealitytimes.com, crypto news site cryptomorrow.com, and Artificial Intelligence site ifthen.ai. Geoff has been interviewed various times on TV as an expert on cryptocurrencies, such as on Cheddar TV on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, at Nasdaq, and on Tech Republic. Geoff currently lives on an eco-village of his own design, called Rancho Delicioso (www.ranchodelicioso.com) He currently owns two boutique resorts in Costa Rica, a real estate company, and a network of 30+ travel websites.

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Divi Team Members (15)

Toni Lane Casserly


Ramez Naam


Heidi Krupp


Tim Sanders


Eugene Ilagin

Smart wallet developer

Preston Thornburg

Blockchain security engineer

Mohsan Farid

Lead penetration tester

Larissa Bundziak

Public relations

Edwina Bull

Divi administrator

Frisco Chavez

Video marketing & social media consultant

Regina Bauzaite

Global marketing consultant

Dmitry Kostenevich

Smart wallet developer

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Divi Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Bitrue DIVI/BTC $ 0.064749 $ 187,849 clear
# 2 Bitrue DIVI/USDT $ 0.063678 $ 57,218 clear
# 3 Bitrue DIVI/XRP $ 0.065073 $ 52,139 clear
# 4 Crex24 DIVI/BTC $ 0.064083 $ 1,061 clear
# 5 Altilly DIVI/BTC $ 0.111587 $ 4 clear
# 6 Altilly DIVI/XQR $ 0.016567 $ - clear
# 7 Simex DIVI/USD $ 0.090000 $ - clear


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