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Energi was founded by TommyWorldPower in 2017 and officially launched in April of 2018. Energi did a fair launch - no ICO and no premine. Energi is a cryptocurrency with the mission of being the world's most dominant top-level cryptocurrency platform

Energi will achieve this by fostering a self-funding and governance system, absorbing and innovating the most advanced technology in the space — including full smart contract capabilities, and infinite scalability. Further, by removing the cryptocurrency space’s common barriers to entry, Energi will become the most user-friendly, secure and trusted platform for building and trading value. Energi has a decentralized treasury with masternodes voting where to direct these funds. This allows Energi to pay developers and contributors, and as Energi grows, the treasury budget will grow allowing for more collaboration, leading to more growth, etc, a positive feedback loop. Additionally, Energi has a higher inflation rate as they encourage spending and reinvestment

Energi will seek to utilize all of the treasury budget month-to-month, especially in their early days as they get established and identify the highest value activities and the best contributors who are yielding the maximum return in value added to the system, compared to value spent. Energi will identify and encourage activities which bring the absolute greatest value back in return for what they spend. Energi's philosophy is, every dollar they reinvest into the system, will yield much more than a dollar of value back when invested appropriately with developers, the best marketing efforts, and other expenditures which expand our reach.


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Energi Cryptocurrency - Episode 5 - Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi | Energi

Welcome to Episode 5 - Energi Cryptocurrency. This video will cover Energi's background, how it was created, and the value proposition of Energi. Energi was ...

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Launched in April 2018, Energi describes itself as a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency featuring decentralized governance, masternodes, and a treasury that funds a team of professionals. With a smart contract platform upgrade slated for Q4 2019, Energi 3.0 will leverage existing dApps written for Ethereum. Energi also purportedly features a Defense team of cybersecurity and investigative professionals that work with law enforcement to protect their userbase from hackers, and scammers. In the coming years, Energi seeks to retain thousands of full-time paid contributors and function as a global organization.

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Product analysis

The exact founding date of Energi is unfortunately not that clear. Its source code was released publicly on github on July 2017 under the MIT License license.
Organization wise, Energis Development is Centralized and is being developed under the lead of a non-public figure..

The consensus on which the Energi network is run is called POS, while the underlying algorithm is called Dagger-Hashimoto.
In the current state of Energi currently is On-going development

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Mineable has featured Energi $NRG as a top coin to watch in 2020. Thanks for the mention @mineable! Watch here: https://t.co/LuTh2z4UtF #energi #cryptocurrency #NRG https://t.co/6ZFCzZb2kt 223 favorite
New Profile Pic, same #Energi https://t.co/Ov0gigK6oV 226 favorite
Crypto Compare just published a new guide about Energi and our upcoming 3.0 migration. Check it out here: https://t.co/LoFt71TDGg 262 favorite
One of the most common questions the Energi team gets asked centers around one thing: funding. In this article, we will explain why we chose to self-fund Energi instead of going the traditional ICO route: https://t.co/cM5e5RztCp #energi #cryptocurrency #funding 368 favorite
Energi teamed up with @CoinallU to launch a Net Buying Volume Promotion, over $10,000 prize pool is here waiting for you! 🥳💰 For more information about the contest: https://t.co/1gvoDVQBwt Buy over 40 NRG and share the bonus pool: https://t.co/BWGO91NbNc https://t.co/Uzrhy9wBOh 251 favorite
Energi (NRG) is now listed on the CoinAll exchange. #Energi #Listing @CoinallU Deposit - 9:00 AM October 24th (UTC) Spot trading - (USDT Market) - 9:00 AM October 25th (UTC) Withdrawal -17:00 October 28th (UTC) For more information on CoinAll trading >> https://t.co/zKq9MLLTSU https://t.co/PGameSX9Em 340 favorite
Here's the latest comparison of Energi's Masternodes in regards to rewards vs startup cost. For more information on Energi masternodes and how they work, go to https://t.co/gsJ0o5KD5l #crypto #cryptocurrency #altcoin #masternodes #blockchain #Energi https://t.co/KpWNKntBnD 260 favorite
DataDash has covered Energi $NRG in his recent video! Check it out to see the latest on Energi 3.0 and the great work that both Energi Defense and @EnergiImpact are doing. Watch here: https://t.co/gWSFcrcPiZ #energi #NRG #cryptocurrency https://t.co/MwCENdlqgt 312 favorite
Here are the current staking reward stats. To find out all the information in regards to staking NRG, click on the link below. https://t.co/7HnBAQCuFA #Energi #Staking #NRG #Cryptocurrency #crypto #blockchain #innovation #altcoin https://t.co/bCXpmLJN6L 333 favorite
VoskCoin has made a video on Energi! He gives a full breakdown of the $NRG staking process and provides some other Energi updates as well. Thanks for the support @VoskCoin! 💪 https://t.co/7UOJzuUctV 252 favorite

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It is not exactly clear who is the main driving force behind Energi.

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# 1 Kucoin NRG/BTC $ 2.072439 $ 55,182 clear
# 2 DigiFinex NRG/BTC $ 2.221648 $ 276,324 clear
# 3 Kucoin NRG/ETH $ 2.079028 $ 10,859 clear
# 4 Bitbns NRG/INR $ 2.861111 $ 1,219 clear
# 5 CryptoBridge NRG/BTC $ 2.138583 $ 452 clear


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