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Swipe is a digital application that offers a Multi-Asset Blockchain Wallet that allows users to store assets securely. The Swipe Wallet has been designed to require Swipe Tokens SXP to perform all functions and utility of the Wallet including to use the services and to make withdraws. Users on the Swipe Wallet can buy, sell, and pay with their cryptocurrencies to fiat directly within the Wallet application as well as purchase Gift Cards and make instant exchanges between all supported assets. Users are able to use their SXP tokens on launch and there are also tiered benefits based on the SXP holding on the Wallet Contract.

All Swipe Wallets require a 1 SXP deposit to activate and utilize on-chain functions based on an audited Smart Wallet-Contract to perform its duties. The protocol has been designed and built on Ethereum and destroys 80% of network and transaction fees are and 20% of the fees are retained by the company. Swipe Wallet Ltd is the company behind the project and is based in the United Kingdom. Swipe is founded by Joselito Lizarondo who also serves as the companies CEO. Joselito has been involved in cryptocurrency payment startups over the course of the last 3 years all with similar executed plans and visions.

Swipe Wallet has already developed it’s MVP wallet application for both iOS and Android and will be releasing it to the full public soon. The Swipe Card which is a Visa Debit Card is issued by a financial institution and program managed by an issuer. Swipe Wallet will be the base application that powers the product line tied into the Ethereum blockchain using our Wallet Smart Contracts and Time Lock Contracts that are open-sourced and available on our GitHub pages. The Swipe Wallet will initially support 20 blockchain assets which will be available to be bought, sold, and paid with through the application..


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Organization: Unknown
Name: Unknown
Country: Unknown
City: Unknown
Zipcode: Unknown
Address: Unknown
Mail: Unknown
Creation date: 2012-07-10
Expiration date: 2021-07-10

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Swipe Whitepaper

Swipe Token is a utility token designed to be the gas and fuel of the Swipe Wallet and Swipe Card.

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Swipe Competitors

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    Kucoin shares are used for collecting fees from participants of the Kucoin exchange, holding it, gives a holder dividend-like rewards.

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    Topchain is the world’s leading brand in the gaming blockchain, reshaping the game industry structure with decentralized concept to create a global de-centralized gaming ecosystem.


Swipe Product Analysis

The exact founding date of Swipe is unfortunately not that clear. Its source code was released publicly on github on July 2019 under the MIT License license.
Organization wise, Swipes Development is and is being developed under the lead of a non-public figure..

The consensus on which the Swipe network is run is called , while the underlying algorithm is called .
In the current state of Swipe currently is

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Swipe is a digital wallet application that enables users to buy, sell, and pay with their cryptocurrencies. The Swipe Wallet is also a fiat on/off ramp for users around the world. Swipe Wallet is also coupled with the Swipe Debit Card that allows our users to spend their cryptocurrency in real time at over million locations worldwide.

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20 more winners tomorrow! To enter your chance to win #BTC just follow the steps below: https://t.co/FWFwm9uMM9 635 favorite
#SwipeFact All conversion transactions that occur on the Swipe Wallet are paid using Swipe Token (SXP) tokens. Download the app today: https://t.co/or2PJyw1Ws #SwipeWallet https://t.co/vebaddtnhX 116 favorite
#Swipe is pleased to announce we have increased NFC PIN-less payment limits on physical cards 💳 for our UK 🇬🇧 and EU 🇪🇺 cardholders. Find out all the details here 👇 https://t.co/eYhecumSkO 97 favorite
Swipe is thrilled to announce our all new coin program called: Swipe Spotlight 💡 With this global pandemic going on, @SwipeWallet Users will be able to atleast enjoy 0% fees for a specific coin for 30 days. Find out more by reading here ⬇️ https://t.co/mJ9dqhcjuQ 263 favorite
Swipe 💳 March Updates: 💵Free Fiat in Transactions for Swipe Wallet Users 💲$DAI on Swipe Wallet 📣Twitter Giveaway 📍Swipe X Bittrex Global 💳Swipe Visa Cards x Google Pay 🏠Work Safely from Home 📱Send Cryptocurrencies via iMessage with Swipe https://t.co/gBPs03SyG9 146 favorite
Use of #Swipe Network within our app enables our users to get up to 75% off of fees and up to an additional 1% cash back in #BTC. To turn on our on-chain wallet system requires just a tap of the Swipe Network toggle in your profile tab screen. Download: https://t.co/k14fbDBPf1 115 favorite
With all this fiat government inflation going on, you may want to educate your friends about #crypto. #Swipe is proud to announce all iOS Swipe Wallet users can now send over 26 cryptocurrencies via #iMessage. Simply go to your iMessage and tap on the swipe widget to get started https://t.co/dHtwVTmdT4 104 favorite
Swipe, being a financial services company, has a Business Continuity Plan for our operations to continue amidst all of the global issues. As we employ this decentralized-style work force, #Swipe is looking to hire talented individuals for all positions. Email: careers@swipe.io👇 https://t.co/hVMOROwbnx 110 favorite
Swipe is thrilled to announce that the #Swipe #Visa Cards are now integrated with #GooglePay for our European users! Add your card and pay via any Google Pay terminal with just a tap of your smart phone! https://t.co/92DiHcQrm2 133 favorite
Our #Swipe #Visa Debit Cards are currently shipping to 31 countries across Europe 🇪🇺 with more regions coming soon! 💳 Order or reserve yours today directly from the #SwipeWallet app! https://t.co/qIKDCe46cB 117 favorite

There are no events for Swipe in the next 3 Months


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Volume from exchanges is considered untrusted if the exchange has little reputation and no License but reports suspiciously high trading volume in particular coins.

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Swipe Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Bittrex SXP/BTC $ 0.694648 $ 3,834 check
# 2 Kucoin SXP/USDT $ 0.714365 $ 1,933 clear
# 3 Kucoin SXP/BTC $ 0.718539 $ 5,497 clear
# 4 Bithumb Global SXP/BTC $ 0.686225 $ 3,622,416 clear
# 5 Bithumb Global SXP/USDT $ 0.700612 $ 1,608,948 clear
# 6 P2PB2B SXP/USDT $ 1.454243 $ 218 clear
# 7 P2PB2B SXP/ETH $ 1.410229 $ 140 clear
# 8 P2PB2B SXP/BTC $ 1.016484 $ 83 clear
# 9 IDEX SXP/ETH $ 0.739556 $ 700 clear
# 10 P2PB2B SXP/USD $ 1.480000 $ 148 clear


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