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Decentralized exchange for ERC-20 tokens


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0x Short Description

0x is an open protocol that facilitates the decentralized exchange of Ethereum-based tokens and assets.

Developers can use 0x to build their own custom exchange apps with a wide variety of user-facing applications i.e. 0x OTC, a decentralized application that facilitates trustless over-the-counter trading of Ethereum-based tokens. The 0x token (ZRX) is used by Makers and Takers to pay transaction fees to Relayers (entities that host and maintain public order books).

ZRX tokens are also used for decentralized governance over 0x protocol’s update mechanism which allows its underlying smart contracts to be replaced and improved over time..


0x Explanation Video

0x in 2 Minutes | Cryptografi

Tokens in 2 Minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJ8XOs6iBFk »0x - https://0xproject.com/ - Whitepaper: https://0xproject.com/pdfs/0x_white_paper.pdf ...

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Organization: Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 1243604555
Name: Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 1243604555
Country: CA
City: Toronto
Zipcode: M4K 3K1
Address: 96 Mowat Ave
Mail: registrar-abuse@google.com
Creation date: 2000-03-13
Expiration date: 2021-03-13
Nameserver: NS-1170.AWSDNS-18.ORG

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0x Whitepaper

An Open Protocol For Decentralized Exchange On The Ethereum Blockchain 0x is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

The whitepaper of 0x is 16 Pages long.

The most influencial keywords are: Orders, Makers, Exchanges, Protocols, Contract, Relay, Token, Accessible, Decentralized exchange, and Transactions.

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0x Competitors

  • 1.) OAX

    OAX is an Open Transparent Decentralized Exchange (DEX). OAX aims to improve the digital asset ecosystem by increasing efficiency, improving transparency and promoting high standards of governance.

  • 2.) IDEX Membership

    IDEX is the fastest and most user-friendly decentralized Ethereum token exchange.

  • 3.) QASH

    We envision QASH to be the preferred payment token for financial services, like the Bitcoin for financial services. As more financial institutions, fintech startups and partners adopt QASH as a method of payment, the utility of QASH will scale, fueling the Fintech revolution.


0x Product Analysis

0x was founded back in August 2017. Its source code was released publicly on github on May 2017 under the Other license.
Organization wise, 0xs Development is Centralized and is being developed under the lead of Amir Bandeali.

The consensus on which the 0x network is run is called Not mineable, while the underlying algorithm is called None.
In the current state of 0x currently is Working product

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0x Communities & Events

Powering the decentralized exchange of tokens on Ethereum

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directions_run 319 Active Users
create 2 Daily Posts
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There is no official Telegram Channel for ZRX yet

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Official Twitter account for 0x

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person 154,840 Followers
"Working with the DeFi Alliance has been an incredible experience. It has been an excellent venue for collaborating, ideating & learning from some of the best & most active firms in both trading and DeFi. 0x Labs is honored to continue our involvement going forward!” @abandeali1 https://t.co/OLoM6bgei4 34 favorite
New 0x developer update! 🚨 🍵 @Matchaxyz launches 🌊 RFQt liquidity provision update 🔮 @AugurProject v2 integrates with 0x Mesh https://t.co/6y59w3fDzR 78 favorite
Reminder that the vote for ZEIP-79 is live and will run through July 10th! 🗳️ Put your ZRX to work and let your voice be heard. 🔽 https://t.co/VDyGszWAo9 50 favorite
A reminder that ZEIP-79 voting will commence this Saturday (July 4th) and run through July 10th! 🗳️ This proposal will decrease the protocol fee multiplier from 150,000 (current value) to 70,000. ✖️ More details 🔽 https://t.co/VDyGszWAo9 21 favorite
Matcha is built from the ground up. Over the last several months, we iterated to solve many of the UX/UI issues involved with decentralized exchange. 🍵 To learn about @Matchaxyz's design, check out our announcement blog post. 🔽 https://t.co/5Go5DgSCHW 65 favorite
Reminder: The 0x Labs team will be hosting a @Matchaxyz AMA on the /Ethtrader Subreddit tomorrow (July 1) at 11am PT. 🍵 If you have feedback or questions, we'd love to chat with you! 💬 https://t.co/wJmHf2WKIV 49 favorite

There are no events for 0x in the next 3 Months


0x Google Trends

The Google Trends chart displays the search interest on google in 0x relative to its peak over the last year. A rising chart shows growing interest int he project.

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0x Github Analysis

Code Updates (Commits)

Every change to the codebase of 0x is registered as a commit. More active projects have many commits, dead projects nearly none.

Code line changes (+/-)

Extending a project results in many new lines of code. Changing existing code results in nearly the same amount of additions and deletions. Projects that are growing show a large number of code additions with relatively few deletions.

Programming languages

Repository Numbers

star 1,231 Stars
remove_red_eye 84 Watchers
usb 423 Forks
sync_problem 20 Open Issues
border_color 0.05 % Comment Coverage
lock_open Other License

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0x Price Prediction

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Predicted USD Market Price in 14d by Coinpaper


Converter ZRX - USD

Convert between ZRX and USD with the live 0x prices, aggregated from all big exchanges that trade 0x.


Market insights

Volume from exchanges is considered untrusted if the exchange has little reputation and no License but reports suspiciously high trading volume in particular coins.

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0x Team

0x Team Leader

Will Warren - Co-founder & ceo
Smart contract R&D. Previously applied physics at Los Alamos Nat Lab. Mechanical engineering at UC San Diego. PhD dropout.

supervisor_accountSocial Network Links

0x Team Members (21)


Amir Bandeali

Co-founder & cto


Fabio Berger

Senior engineer


Alex Xu

Director of operations


Leonid Logvinov



Ben Burns



Brandon Millman

Senior engineer


Tom Schmidt

Product manager


Jacob Evans

Blockchain engineer


Blake Henderson

Operations associate


Zack Skelly

Lead recruiter


Greg Hysen

Blockchain engineer


Francesco Agosti


compare_arrows 0x Exchanges

0x Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Coinbase Pro ZRX/USD $ 0.430579 $ 5,283,729 check
# 2 Binance ZRX/USDT $ 0.433096 $ 4,638,506 check
# 3 Binance ZRX/BTC $ 0.432563 $ 3,679,967 check
# 4 Coinbase Pro ZRX/BTC $ 0.432656 $ 1,142,193 check
# 5 Coinbase Pro ZRX/EUR $ 0.430685 $ 1,097,125 check
# 6 Binance ZRX/ETH $ 0.433400 $ 270,041 check
# 7 Bitfinex ZRX/USD $ 0.429630 $ 245,071 check
# 8 Bittrex ZRX/USD $ 0.429000 $ 80,016 check
# 9 Bittrex ZRX/BTC $ 0.432749 $ 69,062 check
# 10 Binance ZRX/BNB $ 0.430359 $ 45,363 check


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