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Press Release January 19, 2021 Leverages Unique Framework to Rate and Score Cryptocurrencies

Summary: Providing in-depth analysis and scoring of the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the world, is a unique website offering crucial crypto knowledge to thousands of people across the globe.

(Switzerland/January 19, 2021) – With the world of cryptocurrency evolving and fluctuating every day, has created a unique and highly comprehensive platform that has been previously unprecedented in the cryptocurrency realm. The website is the very first one to create a streamlined platform where users can easily access and browse through highly detailed and comprehensive data, analytics, and expert opinions on the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the world. What sets apart from others is its bespoke multi-faceted scoring system that analyzes each cryptocurrency from multiple aspects in order to provide a fully rounded conclusion.

A spokesperson for the company made an official press statement regarding their online platform “For what has taken multiple years to develop, is the ultimate cryptocurrency guide and knowledge platform on the internet. It is the first website ever to efficiently and systematically rank, analyze, and compare the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the world at any given time. We have a very strategic approach to what we do, which is why we have created multiple highly comprehensive scoring mechanisms that leave no stone unturned in the quest to analyze the cryptocurrency in question.”

The website homepage features a chart of the top 100 currencies, ranked from the most powerful to the least powerful. The chart is updated in real-time with any new developments being updated on the homepage instantly. This helps users assess not only the profit potential of each currency but also the potential dangers and loopholes associated with each currency. The team also works diligently to compile the latest happenings and statistics from the most reliable sources within cryptocurrency media. The website’s scoring system includes two categories: The Auto Score and The Coinpaper Score.

The Auto Score is created by an automated framework the compiles categorized data around a specific cryptocurrency and provides valuable conclusions. Values derived from the Auto Score rely solely on quantifiable, empirical data. With the Auto Score categories including basic information, products, community, development, price, and team, there are many subcategories as well. This makes for in-depth statistical analysis of the cryptocurrency at hand and provides a factual and non-biased score.

The Coinpaper Score utilizes the findings from the Auto Score but makes it even more valuable and crucial by adding in expert opinion, the latest news regarding projects, scandals, and much more. The Coinpaper Score is much more cutthroat as compared to the Auto Score and explores all facets of the business of cryptocurrency, including partnerships and market projects. This gives readers and potential investors not only statistical info but free expert opinion, giving them a highly transparent look at which cryptocurrency offers the most profit with the least drawbacks and potential loopholes.

The company spokesperson further added “Coinpaper doesn’t just end at scoring. We are a full spectrum crypto guide, which means we dig deep into every subject and every question that our users might have. In addition to our state-of-the-art scoring system and our analytics, our website is full of guide articles and topic-based write-ups from bona fide professionals. A seamless design, highly integrated statistics, an immersive user experience, and simply the best crypto data available anywhere on the internet; these are the factors that truly define and everything that it stands for.”

More details about, along with their scoring system and a plethora of other informative articles can be seen on the official company website at

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