What is the Auto Score?

Auto Score

The greyed out Coinpaper logo symbolizes the Auto Score.

The Auto Score is an automated, weighted score that consists of multiple quantifiable factors.

This score should support the analysis of potentials and dangers in crypto projects.

The evaluated factors for the subtopics are listed below:

Basic Info:

  • Is there general confidence in this project?
  • Is this coin traded on trusted exchanges?

Product Analysis:

  • Has the project been in progress for some time?
  • Has the project a ‘working-product’-status?
  • Is the project popular according to Google Trends?
  • Is the project decentralized or managed by a single entity?

Community Analysis:

  • Does the project’s subreddit forum have many active/inactive subscribers?
  • Are there many daily posts and comments?

Development Analysis:

  • Is the development trend positive?
  • Was the GitHub repository created a long time ago?
  • Does the GitHub repository have many watchers, stars, subscribers, forks and supported languages?

Price Analysis:

  • Do the current placement, the traded volume and the distance to the all-time high, coupled with the calculated short- and long-term price forecasts, have a positive result?

Team Analysis:

  • Is this crypto project managed by a diverse team with a large public presence?

To these factors we also add the score for the presence of timely events, project updates and trade volume changes.