What is the Coinpaper Score?

Coinpaper Score

The Coinpaper Score (CP) is a manual, weighted score that consists of multiple qualitative factors.

This score should support the analysis of potentials and dangers in crypto projects in detail.

The evaluated factors for the subtopics are listed below:

1. Part PRODUCT, consists of:

Scandals & highlights:

  • What were significant highlights or scandals around this coin/project or the team?


  • Has the team met past deadlines and are problems currently being worked on?


  • What problem does the coin try to solve?


  • Information about the availability and usability of a product for the intended purpose?


  • Who invented/founded the coin?

2. Part MARKET, consists of:


  • What’s our prediction for the coin based on the given facts?


  • Are there projects to support the coin which are currently being developed or planned?


  • What’s the financial potential that the coin could reach based on the maximum of users that would use the coin?


  • Are other cryptocurrencies successfully trying to solve the same problem?


  • Do other influential companies support the cryptocurrency?


  • Is the community involved or does it contribute to the project’s success?

Developer team:

  • What’s known about the current team members?