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Bitcoin Cash (BCH also known as BCHABC) is a hard-fork of Bitcoin after consensus was not reached on the question of increasing the blocksize of the original Bitcoin. An increased blocksize (Bitcoin Cash has a maximum block size of 8MB compared to Bitcoin’s 1MB) was seen by backers (such as Roger Ver) as enabling Bitcoin to function better as a regularly used currency, as a larger block size would enable more transactions to be recorded per block (without decreasing the average block time) thus increasing the capacity of the blockchain. However, opponents of the increased block size argued that the increased block size and increased demands on storage for the complete blockchain would risk increased centralization of miners capacity (as the costs of running mining nodes would increase further beyond the ability of smaller pools and individual miners). As no consensus was reached, the faction supporting the larger block size hard-forked Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin. Apart from this increased blocksize, Bitcoin Cash is technically similar to the original Bitcoin and it is currently the most well known and most liquid of the blockchains that have forked from the Bitcoin blockchain.

1st August 2017 - Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard forks from Bitcoin (BTC) at block height 478558. 1st August 2017 - Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA) also added as an additional difficulty reduction algorithm (able to reduce by 20%) in the event that time for 6 consecutive blocks exceeds 12 hours. 15th November 2018 - Bitcoin SV hard forks from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at block height 556766. Utility. Just like the original Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash sees itself as a store of value which is unrestrained by national and political borders. It envisages an economic system whereby two parties can exchange value trustlessly and instantly, free from interference and mediation from third parties. The move to a larger block size was to enable a greater number of transactions to be written to the blockchain without altering other fundamental parameters of the original Bitcoin. This positions Bitcoin Cash as a faster moving store of value crypto-currency with a greater emphasis on liquidity and velocity in comparison to Bitcoin. Significant Features.

Decentralized access allowing any party with the open-source software and internet access to send and receive Bitcoin Cash irreversibly without third party interference or trust. Decentralized governance via open-source development and forking. Future scaling via increased block size against Bitcoin (8MB vs 1MB), currently the full capacity is not utilised. Transactions are pseduo-anonymous. Funds are sent address to address, but an owner identity can eventually attributed to an address given enough data and analysis. Average blocktime of 10 minutes; Total supply of 21 million BCH; Consensus via Proof of Work (SHA-256). As of June 2019, research shows that the Bitcoin Cash difficulty adjustment algorithm appears to maintain a more stable block generation time under highly variable hash power in comparison to Bitcoin’s algorithm. References: . Bitcoin price..


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Bitcoin Cash Explained ( BTC vs BCH ) | Aimstone

Bitcoin Cash was launched in August 2017 and since become Bitcoin’s most popular cryptocurrency that has forked from bitcoin network. The reason of this fork is to increase the blo ...

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Organization: Unknown
Name: Cash Bitcoin
Country: [ "FR", "SG" ]
Zipcode: 339009
Address: [ "Earth", "Galaxy" ]
Creation date: 2017-03-05
Expiration date: 2030-03-05

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BCH Whitepaper

THERE IS NO BITCOIN CASH WHITEPAPER - Both Bitcoin cash websites posted the original Bitcoin whitepaper instead.

The whitepaper of Bitcoin Cash ABC is 9 Pages long.

The most influencial keywords are: Transact, Block, Nodes, Hashing, Hashed, Timestamped, Chain, Proof, Double, and Works.

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BCH Competitors

  • 1.) Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator.

  • 2.) DigiByte

    DigiByte (DGB) is a cryptocurrency on a public, rapidly growing and highly decentralized blockchain with a maximum supply of 21B by 2035. DigiBytes are indestructible, non-counterfeitable or hackable digital assets ideal for protecting objects of value (e.g. Currency, Information, property or important digital data). It is the first blockchain with SegWit, MultiAlgo mining, DigiShield and Odocrypt. Its blockchain has three layers (Application layer, Digital Asset/ Public Ledger Layer and Core Communication Protocol/ Global Network Layer).

  • 3.) ATBCoin

    ATB Coin is an innovative decentralized cryptocurrency incorporating the best advanced technologies and satisfies the needs of all market players to the best advantage – users, investors and business owners. This universal payment tool differs significantly from other cryptocurrencies due to a number of innovations, but at the same time has such important qualities as decentralization and anonymity.


BCH Product Analysis

Bitcoin Cash ABC was founded back in August 2017. Its source code was released publicly on github on May 2017 under the MIT License license.
Organization wise, Bitcoin Cash ABCs Development is Semi-centralized and is being developed under the lead of Bitcoin Unlimited.

The consensus on which the Bitcoin Cash ABC network is run is called Proof of Work, while the underlying algorithm is called SHA256.
In the current state of Bitcoin Cash ABC currently is Working product

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BCH Team

BCH Team Leader

Roger Ver - Founder
Founded Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

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BCH Product description


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a forked (copied) version of Bitcoin (BTC). Before jumping right into its details, it is essential to learn the basics of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system that took the world by storm as it was not controlled by any authority or a single institute. As the hype grew, more and more people got involved in the technology to the point where it was discovered that it had creating issues and transactional bottenecks and something was needed to address the scalability issues of Bitcoin. Now, the thing that needed to be done led to the inception of a forked technology of Bitcoin, by the name of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came into being after serious concerns were raised about the scalability and speed of the Bitcoin Network, so much that it was agreed that its future was in jeopardy. Therefore, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forked (copied) off the main Bitcoin (BTC) in August 2017. The purpose behind it was to address the aforementioned issues relating to Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash fixed the mining limitation linked with Bitcoin. Previously, what used to happen was that the transactional fees rose to very high levels when there was a massive inflow of transaction requests. Bitcoin Cash increased the block size of the mining block from 1MB to 8MB so that more transactions could be processed per second. In November 2018, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) also forked into two newer versions, namely Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin-Satoshi-Vision (BSV) (CryptoChief, 2019).



The current technology of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is undoubtedly superior to the original Bitcoin and promises better performance with regards to transactions per second and network speed. Despite this, Bitcoin has maintained its position as the original and the pioneer cryptocurrency technology. Be it brand loyalty or low key originality, but people do not accept any forked technology of the Bitcoin easily. Also, new cryptocurrencies offer better packages on the whole as compared to Bitcoin Cash (BCH).



Bitcoin Cash (BCH) separated from the Bitcoin (BTC) network due to the support and backing of mainly two leaders, Roger Ver and Jihan Wu. Roger Ver is a previous member of the Bitcoin governing community and owns the website that he’s using to promote Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Jihan Wu, on the other hand, is the CEO of Bitmain, an organization that builds mining rigs for cryptocurrencies. The fork, on the whole, received a lot of backlash and unfriendly questions as the critics questioned the motive behind choosing the name ‘Bitcoin Cash’ knowing too well that it was very similar to the original cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’. Critics claimed that this could lead to misguidance and deceive the newcomers into thinking that Bitcoin Cash is the original Bitcoin (de, 2018).
Shortly after, Bitmain wanted to be out of the Bitcoin Cash conspiracy after its main investors, IDG Capital and Sequoia Capital (investment and capital firms) claimed that Jihan Wu has misrepresented, misquoted and misinterpreted the proposal and progress numbers (Drake, 2019).


How things stand for BCH


Bitcoin Cash (BCH), now Bitcoin Cash ABC, has always been in the news for the wrong reason, and for that reason has started to lose its integrity over time. One such incident took place in May 2019. An intentional upgrade was planned and announced that was supposed to enhance the performance of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Normally, such activities are controlled by the mining groups who have the potential to push new upgrades, deny upgrades, and initiate upgrades from the community. is a company that controls over 51% of the hashing power of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) (Memoria, 2019). misused its power on 15 May 2019 by hijacking a mining block previously controlled by another company called Prohashing. As a reaction, Prohashing called it out and announced the very next day that they would cease all Bitcoin Cash (BCH) mining from immediate effect (Hertig, 2019).



The main development of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) code and the network was set up in the year 2018 under Roger Ver, but now that has almost come to a halt. Especially after Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forked into two separate cryptocurrencies, there have been no developments on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Although minor changes are committed to the code, none of them can be considered a major upgrade that promises better things.


BCH Pro/Contra

Transactions per second It can handle more transactions per second compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Transaction speed The transaction speed is much higher compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Transaction cost The transaction fees are much lower compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Product availability The product is already available.
Exchange availability The coin is available on the major trusted exchanges.
Security In light of the recent mining attacks on the network, it has been established that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is weak in terms of security. It is a relatively newer coin and has unproven standards of security.
Adoption The coin has a low acceptance rate compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Energy consumption Bitcoin Cash (BCH) relies on mining and therefore, consumes more energy as compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Decentralization As much the founding members claim Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a decentralized cryptocurrency, recent control by the mining giants have proven otherwise. There are claims and proof that it is in fact, centralized.
Privacy Transactions with this coin are pseudonymous.

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BCH Foresight


As disappointing as it may sound, the realistic prediction about Bitcoin Cash is that it is likely to perish sooner or later. This is because the main founding company Bitmain (Crypto Miner) has abandoned Bitcoin Cash (BCH) under its new CEO. The community is getting largely uninterested, the code development is sloppy and security concerns regarding the 51% hijacking attacks are being raised.



In an attempt to save the sinking ship, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is looking to initiate a project that will update the cryptographic algorithms with Schnorr Signatures (cryptographic scheme known for its simplicity). This might help the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network to improve its scalability and practicality, but there is no guarantee that this will truly save the ship from sinking.



The potential of the current Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is dispiriting. However, if the team manages to enter into a big strategic partnership, it can create an ecosystem that will attract new mining companies, new businesses and a whole lot of new users.


BCH Business Case


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) intends to actualize the main vision of the original Bitcoin (BTC), which is to become the main recognized cryptocurrency that will serve as digital cash used for transactions. However, the popularity of the original Bitcoin has overshadowed the performance of all of its forked versions and has restrained them from becoming mainstream. For this reason, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has not been able to gain widespread acceptance, Also, there are much better options and substitutes to Bitcoin Cash that offer enhanced solutions for scalability, privacy, and network speed.



Bitcoin Cash (BCH) managed to bag some partnerships, mainly because the technology had the original Bitcoin as its predecessor. In 2019, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) announced a partnership with the Minecraft-like gaming website The website started to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a transactional medium and has since processed about 550,000 transactions which account for nearly 50% of total Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions (Redman, 2018).
Another partnership to acknowledge Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was with Cheap Air, who started accepting many other cryptocurrencies as well as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin (Trust Nodes, 2019).
Bitcoin Cash also landed into a major agreement with BitPay, which allowed the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) users to create Bitcoin Cash wallets in May 2019. This was a major breakthrough with regard to customer services of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) (James, 2019).



The community is a minor portion of the original community of the giant-group Bitcoin. Lately, lesser activity has been recorded as a lot of users in the community have a hard time trusting the coin based on the bad press it has gathered in its short stay. Also, with the on-going negative developments going around Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the community members are finding it more difficult to defend the decisions of their leader Roger Ver.



Not much is known about a developing team.


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BCH Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Binance BCH/USDT $ 524.9094 $ 34,358,495 check
# 2 Binance BCH/BTC $ 523.4012 $ 16,614,644 check
# 3 Coinbase Pro BCH/USD $ 525.0800 $ 13,620,515 check
# 4 Bitstamp BCH/USD $ 525.0000 $ 3,638,736 check
# 5 Kraken BCH/USD $ 525.5100 $ 3,373,321 check
# 6 Bitstamp BCH/EUR $ 524.9956 $ 2,448,156 check
# 7 Binance BCH/BUSD $ 524.4168 $ 1,984,044 check
# 8 Coinbase Pro BCH/BTC $ 522.7686 $ 1,495,550 check
# 9 Kraken BCH/EUR $ 525.2219 $ 1,222,880 check
# 10 Coinbase Pro BCH/EUR $ 524.4834 $ 955,552 check


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