Total Marketcap: $ 111,111,111
Change 24h: 22,222,222,222
Volume 24h: 3,333,333
Bitcoin dominance: 44 %
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Ethereum (ETH)

Platform for decentralized apps and smart contracts

Ethereum Price 1 Year
$ 2,685.098
65.81 %
Market Cap: $ 5,295 M

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Ethereum Explained

Introduction to Ethereum

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What problem does Ethereum solve?

Name: Ethereum

Symbol: ETH

While Bitcoin is revered as the pioneer of cryptocurrencies that built a legacy of its own and launched a whole industry of innovation through Blockchain technology, it still remained limited in its application and practical implementation. Then came Ethereum, which opened the doors of the locked hurdles, unleashed the true potential of the application of cryptocurrencies and opened the world’s eyes to what Cryptocurrency is set to achieve.

Ethereum is an open-source, public Blockchain platform that is decentralized and gives room for independent companies to build their own decentralized applications and cryptocurrency tokens on its platform. Those cryptocurrencies are then known as ERC-20 tokens. Ethereum builds smart contracts and stores information on a network of international nodes. A cryptocurrency known as Ether is used to pay network nodes in order to process transactions (Chinchilla, 2019).

Ethereum: Vitalik Buterin explains Ethereum

What is Ethereum

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What does the cryptocurrency Ethereum actually do?

Ethereum technology is well-developed and has been reported to have made quite an impression as it is already widely used around the world. More and more decentralized apps are being built on the network platform with each passing day. The language used for the coding and programming of many DApps (decentralized applications) is Solidity and the creators have the option to implement smart contracts on their apps.The language Solidity is developed particularly to improve the smart contracts from a security point of view (Solidity, 2018).

Who is behind Ethereum

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What team is working to make Ethereum successful?

Ethereum was founded by Vitalik Buterin, who has made his mark in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain community as an enthusiast and a promoter. He is very well-respected within the crypto-community and has promoted the understanding and overall knowledge of cryptocurrencies through his undying efforts of contributing to different blog posts and forums. He also founded the Bitcoin Magazine in May 2012 in order to enhance awareness of the general public towards the use of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology (Snyder, 2017).

The team consists of well-chosen figures who are experts in their own field and which complement each other also. The CEO of the company is Vitalik Buterin.

Ethereum Development

Ethereum Code Progress Analysis

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How did much the Ethereum developers work on their coin over the last year?

The code is developed by the Ethereum team who constantly publishes new updates and upgrades of the Ethereum network. The activity can be tracked on their GitHub profile. The focus these days is on the latest upgrade of the Ethereum network known as Constantinople. The upgrade will be released soon and will considerably improve the speed of the transactions while consuming way lesser energy (Chinchilla, 2019).

Ethereum Community

Ethereum Public Interest

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How many people did search on Google for Ethereum indicates how many new people first heard from Ethereum

Search Engine:

Region: Worldwide

Searchterm: Ethereum

Peak Popularity: 10. May 2021

With the ongoing level of development by the Ethereum team, it is likely that the team will overcome the hurdles that have been hindering the use of the technology to be used efficiently. The limitation mainly occurs in the shape of limited TPS that is allowed on the network.

The technology, however, will probably remain as the leading platform for the development of decentralized applications and will grow at a steady rate as smart contracts get more interesting and usable for people and businesses.

The most important project in Ethereum’s pipeline currently is the Constantinople upgrade. The upgrade, expectedly, will enhance the performance of the network by increasing the transactional capacity of the network and minimizing the energy demands of the processes.

Ethereum holds exceptional growth potential. With an already well-developed platform and a large number of users, Ethereum could be the sole base for building decentralized applications in the future. The attraction of smart contracts will prove to be very beneficial to the Ethereum network once the technology starts to become mature (Jameson, 2019).

Google Trends is a tool that shows how many people search for a specific search keyword worldwide compared to its peak. The more people search for Ethereum on google, the higher the Google Trends curve rises. The Google Trends search data is based on the search keyword Ethereum Ethereum had its peak interrest 1 ago. At that time, more people searched for Ethereum than anytime this year. The interrest of newcomers for Ethereum seems to be lowering, which is horrible!

Ethereum Sentiment Analysis

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How positive/negative are people on different crypto-related subreddits talking about Ethereum

Based on:

Positive/Negative Posts Ratio: 3:1

Ethereum has previously announced that it will be rolling out an upgraded version of the Ethereum Blockchain platform. They have named the upgrade Constantinople. However, the release was recently delayed because the team noticed some serious security concerning bugs in the design of the platform (Jameson, 2019).

Another major fact regarding the Ethereum network is that the network was bottlenecked due to an influx of transactions. In December 2017, the user activity on the decentralized app ‘CryptoKitties’ increased to such extent that the whole Ethereum network faced delayed transactions and reduced speed (Cheng, 2017).

Sentiment Analysis uses Machine Learning to analyze whether a post on reddit is written with joy or anger. The more excited people are about a project, the more positive posts there are on reddit. If a project behaves scammy, negative posts dominate. A good indicator is the positive-to-negative post ratio. For every 3 positive post about Ethereum, there are 1 negative posts, which is a unpleasing ratio. A recent post mentioning Ethereum with a lot of positive feedback was posted in r/Crypto_General by u/yokesh351: What does Microsoft's latest acquisition tell us about Bitcoin and the metaverse?

Ethereum Enthusiasts Analysis

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How did the community of enthusiasts that follow Ethereum closely develop over the last year?

The Ethereum community is perhaps the largest community in the crypto-world. It is also one of the most active ones, where community members frequently contribute to the development of the technology. They promote news and publicize any new development regarding Ethereum on different social media platforms. To put things into perspective, the Ethereum subreddit (Part of the Reddit Forum) has over 400,000 subscribers.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum Price Overview

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Key price metrics such as All-Time-High (ATH) and Market-Cap of Ethereum

Rank: 2

Price: $ 2,685.098

Volume (24h): $ 5,295 M

Ethereum has captured a huge portion of the business community already. Almost every decentralized app (DApp) is built on Ethereum technology. An alliance is known as ‘Ethereum Alliance’ is a composition of around 200 big companies, which include, but are not limited to, MasterCard, Credit Suisse, UBS, Microsoft and Intel (Sharma, 2019).

Shortly after Ethereum was launched as an open-source platform, many well-known substitutes have emerged in the market that all claim to offer the same level of performance, if not better. However, Ethereum still remains the most popular platform for decentralized applications that offers smart contracts as well.

Ethereum had its all-time-high (ATH) at 10. November 2021 at a price of $ 4,864.113. Today, Ethereum is traded for $ 2,685.098, which is a -44.8 % drop from the previous ATH. If you had bought Ethereum 1 year ago, you would have made a gain of 65.81 %. Going even more back, if you had bought Ethereum 5 Years ago (or at the first possible chance), you would have made a gain of 18,215.81 %.