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Dash is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a strong focus on the payments industry. Dash offers a form of money that is anonymous, portable, inexpensive and fast.

It can be spent securely both online and in person with only minimal transaction fees. Based on the Bitcoin project, Dash aims to be the most user-friendly and scalable payments system in the world.

In addition to Bitcoin's feature set, Dash currently also includes a second-layer network of masternodes to facilitate instant transactions (InstantSend), private transactions (PrivateSend) and governance functions to create a self-governing and self-funding network capable of paying individuals and businesses for work that adds value to Dash. This decentralized governance and budgeting system makes it one of the first ever successful decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)..


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Monero vs Zcash vs Dash (Privacy Coins) | Aimstone

Monero, Zcash and Dash are considered to be great privet cryptocurrencies. In this video we are going to look at which is the best private coin for usage and investment opportunity ...

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Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
Name: WhoisGuard Protected
Country: PA
City: Panama
Zipcode: Unknown
Address: P.O. Box 0823-03411
Mail: abuse@namecheap.com
Creation date: 2018-10-01
Expiration date: 2022-10-01
Nameserver: NS1.DASHNEWS.ORG

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Dash Whitepaper

A cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin, the work of Satoshi Nakamoto, with various improvements such as a two-tier incentivized network, known as the masternode network. Included are other improvements such as PrivateSend, for increasing fungibility, and InstantSend, which allows instant transaction confirmation without a centralized authority.

The whitepaper of Dash is 16 Pages long.

The most influencial keywords are: Masternode, Transactions, Network, Nodes, Dash, Users, Clients, Anonymous, Anonymity, and Anonymizing.

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Dash Competitors

  • 1.) Polis

    Polis is a community driven cryptocurrency for fast transactions and payments. Polis is used on Polispay app the multi coin wallet as main currency with its own ecosystem like gift cards and debit cards. Polis gives you the opportunity to buy these gift cards and vouchers without any additonal fees. The complete project is governed as a DAO. Polis uses advanced decentralized blockchain technology to solve major problems for our global community. wPolis or wrapped Polis is 1:1 backed by Polis coin. This token was generated to make Polis available for the Ethereum network and it is traded on Uniswap.

  • 2.) Memetic / PepeCoin

    Memetic / PepeCoin A Proof of Stake and Proof of Work hybrid cryptocurrency platform for the Kekdaq decentralized Meme hashing exchange and IPFS meme storage platform. Named PEPE first, now also named MEME.

  • 3.) Digitalcoin

    Digitalcoin is a cryptocurrency allowing mining with multiple algorithms.


Dash Product Analysis

Dash was founded back in January 2014. Its source code was released publicly on github on May 2014 under the MIT License license.
Organization wise, Dashs Development is Semi-centralized and is being developed under the lead of Glenn Austin.

The consensus on which the Dash network is run is called Proof of Work, while the underlying algorithm is called X11.
In the current state of Dash currently is Working product

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Dash Communities & Events

Dash is the fastest, most secure & most affordable Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency in the world. Its network features instantly settled & respendable transactions, 51% attack immunity, optionally private transactions and the first decentralized blockchain governance and self-funding model through incentivized full nodes which enable mass adoption scaling.

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Welcome to the Dash Telegram group!

Dash is a practical digital currency.

Transactions are seriously fast, cheap, and secure.

Mining rewards are split three ways:

- Miners (45%)
- Masternode Operators (45%)
- Treasury (10%)

More: t.me/dash_chat/25425

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Hello @CoinMarketCap 👋 We noticed that #Dash the first #cryptocurrency Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is not listed on your DAO ranking list. 🤔 Can you update please? 🙏 The list at https://t.co/Rjik1K9mnw even has forks of @Dashpay. Please contact @StayDashy 👍 https://t.co/YJ7h77TsWz 270 favorite
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🔴 Live Dash AMA - with Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO https://t.co/OOttOwMHQO 156 favorite
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The Dash Revolution by @TanteStefana Crypto is inspired by a beautiful dream: to create a form of money that nobody can control, that can’t be corrupted or diluted, that anyone can easily and safely use when they need to pay for goods and services. https://t.co/fDbMnmLrFA 163 favorite
Happy #StPatricksDay Dash community! Wishing you a pot of gold, and all the joy your heart can hold! 🇮🇪🥰 The greatest wealth is health. #Slainte 🍺 https://t.co/voybMv5A82 153 favorite
Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO will be doing a live AMA on Friday, 19th March at 12PM ET / 4PM UTC. The AMA will be hosted by #Dash Communications Manager, Mark Mason and broadcasted live on the official @Dashpay social media accounts. We're looking forward to your questions! https://t.co/mHndivqDyo 126 favorite
🔴 Live AMA - Daniel Kwak at OIN Finance - DeFi, Dash and Stablecoins https://t.co/1DMlD35Dug 109 favorite
Join us on Wednesday 17th March at 10am ET / 2pm UTC for a live AMA with Daniel Kwak, Marketing Director at Oin Finance @FinanceOin. We're looking forward to your questions about #Dash, #DeFi and #Stablecoins! https://t.co/OzHFErIaWl 96 favorite
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Volume from exchanges is considered untrusted if the exchange has little reputation and no License but reports suspiciously high trading volume in particular coins.

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Dash Team

Dash Team Leader

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Dash Product description


Ever since Bitcoin’s value crossed a major barrier of $1000 at the end of 2016, ridiculous amount of attention and investments have been poured into the cryptocurrency market. Even though Bitcoin remains the industry’s giant and influences the price valuation of other cryptocurrencies, there remain some fundamental flaws in the technology that would perhaps never allow it to become a practical currency of choice. To address these issues, many altcoins have emerged on the scenes, and Dash is one of them.
Dash was purposely built, or rather forked off (copied) from Bitcoin, to be an easy to use cryptocurrency for mass adoption (Walters, 2019). It has been built from the basics of blockchain technology to enable it to become the simplest cryptocurrency buyers and merchants can use for their daily transactions without going into much hassle or any stress. Dash has reduced the transaction charges to such an extent that it could now be used for micro-transactions, unlike Bitcoin. The fees for a normal transaction is around $0.01. However, users are also given an option to make instant transactions (InstantSend) or private transactions (PrivateSend) for additional charges (Evan Duffield, 2018).



The current Dash product is stable, as coins can be sent through the network that is controlled by masternodes. The fees are relatively small as costs can be as low as $0.01. By paying additional fees it’s possible for a sender to make an instant transaction and/or a private transaction, but around 13% of these private transactions are traceable to their origin.



The founder of Dash is Evan Duffield, and he equally serves as the lead developer. He released Dash originally as XCoin in January 2014, later renaming it to DarkCoin. Obviously, this name created issues and was not warmly welcomed by the general public which eventually led to its rebranding to Dash (short for Digital Cash) in March 2015. There is not much information about the relevant past experience and endeavours of Evan Duffield.


How things stand for Dash


The beginning of Dash, or Xcoin, is marked with it forking off the Bitcoin network. Its founder, Evan, initially programmed it in such a way that only Linux systems were allowed to mine it. The history of Dash gives rise to many suspicions, particularly because of its mining bugs. According to Evan, a bug was introduced into the network code, which made the so-called ‘instamine’ possible. Through this ‘instamine’ process, the team mined 2 million coins out of the 84 million total coins within 24 hours, using 127 computers. It was later found out that 100 of these computers were rented cloud computers that someone set up. Interestingly, the cryptocurrency was not even functional back then, so this might actually be an insider job. 2 million of 84 million tokens make 2.38% of the supply, however, Evan changed the total supply from 84 Million to 18.9 Million, without changing the existing supply in the same proportion. The instamined coins were then 10.58% (2.38% before the supply change) of the total supply which made these instamined coins more valuable. These same coins are used to make master nodes, which means they are still generating Dash rewards for their owners (Smooth, 2015).
Dash has a history of deceitful and not-so-trustworthy marketing. They were once involved in a marketing scam where they claimed that KFC Venezuela was accepting Dash as a form of payment. However, it was later discovered to be a false advertisement (Berman, 2018).
In early 2018, it was revealed that Dash has serious centralization issues and this raised many concerns. It was later gathered that two entities, whether they be people or companies, are controlling around 80% of Dash mining. This makes it vulnerable to serious network issues even if one of them creates any problem.



The code is being developed under the technical leadership of Evan. The team is currently working on security measures and protocols, to stop 51% of mining attacks on the network using chain locks (Block, 2018). This is essential at this stage, as already a substantial amount of mining process is being controlled by only two parties (Tungfa, 2019).


Dash Pro/Contra

Adoption The coin had a very high acceptance rate initially, but it has lost a lot of trusted users, hence acceptance rate has remarkably slowed down.
Transactions per second It can handle many more transactions per second compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Transaction speed The transaction speed is much higher compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Transaction cost The normal transaction fees are as low as $0.01, which is very less in comparison to most cryptocurrencies.
Energy consumption The energy consumption is low compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Product availability The product is already available.
Exchange availability The coin is available on the major trusted exchanges.
Privacy Dash provides an option to create a partially anonymous transaction.
Security The security of the network has not been tested vigorously and the team is developing security protocols to enhance its performance.
Decentralization The coin is highly centralized.

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Dash Foresight


The Dash team has a huge sum invested in the self-sustaining system. This could help to pay for partnerships and marketing, but the general codebase seems not to be ready for what the Dash coin should be used for. Many people in Venezuela might have heard of Dash, but people who live in poverty will rather buy food for their children instead of spending their money on a risky investment.



A much-anticipated project has been announced by the Dash team. They plan on introducing a platform where local stores would be easily connected with local buyers through a decentralized Dash API. This could boost the sales of businesses, while creating ease for buyers, thus putting Dash in a win-win situation.



Dash could attain an incredible height of success if it somehow manages to overcome technical obstacles and centralization risks facing it at the moment. The users can be easily attracted due to its easy-to-use nature and minimal fee charges.


Dash Business Case


A lot of already existing cryptocurrencies are better options and alternatives in comparison to Dash, which means that the competition is quite high. Many altcoins offer much better solutions for scalability, privacy, and speed of the network. Monero, for example, is a very popular option in context of privacy. Likewise, Nano outshines all other altcoins with regard to transaction fees and speed.



Dash has been very popular in Venezuela based on the partnerships they had previously formed. More than 2500 businesses have started accepting Dash as a form of payment. A notable example is of Church’s Chicken which has nine separate locations and only accepts cash and Dash coin (Dash Venezuela, 2018).
In March 2019, CheapAir started accepting Dash as a means of payment, along with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash (CheapAir, 2018). Later on, in the same year, another partnership was unveiled. Dash partnered with Blucon, which is a payment processing company, in an attempt to maximize its adoption as a means of payment in Thailand (Vora, 2019).



Initially, Dash managed to gain popularity and wide acceptance in the cryptocurrencies community. It received a warm welcome from the Reddit community and the Dash subscribers surged in the initial days. However, many of them withdrew their support in disappointment as deadlines were not being met and the Dash team was frequently in the news for issues pertaining to fraudulent activities. Currently, only a small circle of loyal active users are still supporting the technology and defending it against the critics.



The development team is headed by Evan Duffield, who also happens to be the co-founder of Dash. The current team consists of 30 developers who are all working actively towards enhancing the network. The development progress and history can be tracked on their GitHub repository.


compare_arrows Dash Exchanges

Dash Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Binance DASH/USDT $ 220.6890 $ 17,922,652 check
# 2 Binance DASH/BTC $ 219.8860 $ 6,999,879 check
# 3 Coinbase Pro DASH/USD $ 220.4140 $ 2,867,865 check
# 4 Binance DASH/BUSD $ 220.8115 $ 766,809 check
# 5 Kraken DASH/EUR $ 221.0811 $ 717,635 check
# 6 Kraken DASH/USD $ 220.6900 $ 634,817 check
# 7 Bitfinex DASH/USD $ 220.5700 $ 620,586 check
# 8 Coinbase Pro DASH/BTC $ 219.7735 $ 233,868 check
# 9 Binance DASH/ETH $ 220.4544 $ 225,368 check
# 10 Bitfinex DASH/BTC $ 220.1157 $ 223,400 check


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