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General Data and Information. Launched in 2014 by Jed McCaleb (formerly of Ripple) and David Mazieres, Stellar is a decentralized open-source network for the exchange of over 500+ assets (including tokens and fiat) via the Stellar Consensus Protocol. As the global remittance market was worth nearly 600 billion US dollars in 2016 (with small cross border transactions attracting comparatively high fees and slow service), easing the friction on these remittance payments would help Stellar capture a significant share of this underserved and antiquated market. In the Stellar network, users make payments (in any acceptable currency, fiat, gold, XLM) with other users, with the debts between trusted users being recorded on the decentralized ledger. When the payments are finalized the balance of the users are recorded upon the ledger. When two users who do NOT trust each other attempt to send assets, the network finds a path from start to end user via a network of trusted user pairs. As the payment is finalized, all balances along the trust path are settled immediately and simultaneously. In many ways, the Stellar network is very similar to the Ripple network in results for the user, however the philosophy of the networks makes for a slightly different implementation. Stellar aims for a more direct peer-to-peer communication of transfers, with entities known as anchors handling any required entry or exits into fiat currency. In contrast, Ripple aims to streamline existing banking systems. Milestones.

31st July 2014 - Stellar Network launched. Non-Profit Stellar Development Foundation created to assist with development. 31st July 2014 - 3 million USD in seed funding from Stripe. August 2014 - First exchange utilising Stellar Network (Mercado Bitcoin) annouced. November 2015 - New Consensus algorithm (SCP) goes live. May 2017 - (for-profit arm of Stellar, now known as Interstellar) launched. Steptember 2017 - Stellar Partnership Grant Program announces grants for development on Stellar Network. Utility. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is the native currency of the Stellar blockchains and has several uses. The first use case is as a token for establishing your account, it is a minimal amount (1 XLM), to prevent network spamming. The second use case is for payments to establish trustlines from one payment node (account) to another account. Payment fees (0.00001 XLM) are another use case for the native currency, and larger users will also be required to use Stellar Lumens to be able to issue assets on the Stellar blockchain. The last use of Stellar Lumens is as a bridging currency and liquidity provider between users and chains who have no common currency to complete exchanges.

As all the participants are transacting on the Stellar Network, XLM is the common currency for the blockchain. Thus, any “missing” assets required for a chain of exchanges can be substituted for the native Lumens. Significant Features. Transactions are pseduo-anonymous. Funds are sent address to address, but an owner identity can eventually attributed to an address given enough data and analysis. Low energy usage and high network speed using Stellar Consensus Protocol. Total Supply uncapped. Peer to peer currency exchanges, tokens and fiat. All users are able to issue tokens on the Stellar Network. Open-source and highly decentralized. References: ..


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Creation date: 2011-02-02
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Stellar Whitepaper

The paper introduces a new model for consensus called federated Byzantine agreement (FBA). FBA achieves
robustness through quorum slices—individual trust decisions made by each node that together determine
system-level quorums.

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Stellar Competitors

  • 1.) OmiseGO

    The OMG network is a scaling solution for finance on Ethereum, enabling transparent, peer-to-peer transactions in real-time. The decentralized network facilitates self-sovereign financial services across geographies, asset classes and applications.

  • 2.) Electroneum

    Electroneum is a new cryptocurrency, made mainly for your mobile, making it easy for you to send, receive and securely trade digital money on your smartphone.

  • 3.) Ethos

    Ethos - Universal wallet for coins and tokens. Store all of your tokens, coins and digital assets safely and securely on your mobile device. Track assets you have stored somewhere else – such as on a hardware wallet or an exchange. Ethos Universal Wallet gives you a complete view of your entire portfolio in one place, with rich analytics to show how you’re doing.


Stellar Product Analysis

Stellar was founded back in July 2013. Its source code was released publicly on github on November 2014 under the Other license.
Organization wise, Stellars Development is Centralized and is being developed under the lead of Zachary Freundt.

The consensus on which the Stellar network is run is called Stellar Consensus Protocol , while the underlying algorithm is called Stellar Consensus Protocol.
In the current state of Stellar currently is Working product

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Stellar Communities & Events

Stellar is a decentralized protocol that enables you to send money to anyone in the world, for fractions of a penny, instantly, and in any currency. r/Stellar is for news, announcements and discussion related to Stellar. Please focus on community-oriented content, such as news and discussions, instead of individual-oriented content, such as questions and help.

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Stellar Lumens Telegram Community

Alerts: @StellarLumensAlerts
News bot: @stellarlumens_bot

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Official Twitter account for Stellar

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Creating equitable access to global financial infrastructure has always been our top priority at SDF. CEO @DenelleDixon explores how fostering sustainable use cases on the Stellar network will connect communities to the financial services they need most. 136 favorite
The Stellar Monthly Roundup for July 2020 is here! This month: Stellar celebrates its 6th anniversary! Samsung Blockchain keystore integration, @dstoq is live, building an anchor with Polaris, a review of SDF's Q2, and more. Check it out here: 160 favorite
It's time to cast your votes for the Stellar Community Fund! 110 favorite
Are you building on Stellar? If so, SDF wants to hear from you! We’ve put together an ecosystem survey to help us get a sense of what you’re building, and to find out what key features or improvements you think we should focus on to make Stellar better: 133 favorite
Reminder: The next testnet reset is tomorrow at 0900 UTC. Sign up for notifications on the Stellar status page so you can see testnet resets and other important network events coming: #stellardevelopers 93 favorite
Catch up on this week's #Stellar ecosystem updates! 74 favorite
ICYMI @dstoq is now available on the Google Play store! Congratulations! Learn how DSTOQ helps make investing accessible and affordable for people in emerging markets on episode 19 of the Stellar Podcast w/ DSTOQ CEO, @CraigDSTOQ 86 favorite
We're going live in 40 minutes! 79 favorite
We want to hear from you. Join the #Stellar community at our next Virtual Meetup and share your thoughts about the Stellar ecosystem directly with us! Sign up below and we'll see you on Monday, July 27 👇 86 favorite
Don't miss our next Stellar Engineering Talk! Join us tomorrow to learn how to build an anchor with Polaris. 98 favorite

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Market insights

Volume from exchanges is considered untrusted if the exchange has little reputation and no License but reports suspiciously high trading volume in particular coins.

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Stellar Team

Stellar Team Members (26)

Zachary Freundt


Tom Llewellyn-Smith

Systems architect


Rafał Malinowski


Marta Lokhava



Lisa Nestor


Lisa Kinard


Johnny Goodnow

Developer relations


David Mazières

Chief scientist

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Stellar Product description


Stellar (XLM) is a public distributed payment system that belongs to the Stellar Development Foundation. The coin has retained its position among the top ten most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. The interesting thing about the technology is that while other altcoins follow the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Stellar (XLM) often shows signs of growth.
Stellar’s main vision is to establish a decentralized banking system. It seeks to make its coin Stellar Lumens a global currency that would be globally recognized and accepted which will result in its being used for daily transactions. A user can pay a bank some fiat currency (e.g. USD, Euro …) and the receiver could collect the payment in another fiat currency, in the same way, Stellar Lumen will be used as an intermediate technology (Mazieres, 2019). The transaction will take much lesser time and cut down heavily on the transaction charges as compared to conventional banking (Applicature, 2018).
Since the network aims to provide freedom in terms of currency dealing, it is essential that it should have access to huge amounts of different fiat currency reserves. This would be achieved by working hand in hand with banks. However, banks are not showing interest in adopting the technology as they would lose a major portion of their revenue stream, should they partner with the technology.



The actual product the Stellar network aims to offer is to serve as a distributed platform where a user could send a currency of choice and the receiver could receive the payment in a currency of choice. The platform has not been built yet, however, it is a work in progress.
The main project is facing some hurdles in its implementation. The foundation has shifted its focus to another project to create a platform where developers could develop their own DApps. There is a chance that Stellar (XLM) might be successful in delivering the project.



The founding figures of the Stellar network are Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. McCaleb is a well-known expert in his field. He founded eDonkey2000, a file-sharing program. However, the company was put down soon after its release and the company had to pay 30 Billion Dollars in compensation for copyright violations. McCaleb created another website known as MtGox which he later sold, while still holding shares of the platform (McCormack, 2019). He co-founded Ripple in 2012/2013 and left the team in 2014 to create his own cryptocurrency Stellar Lumen off a Ripple fork. His ethical values might have not always been good and he could be a possible risk factor.


How things stand for Stellar


A highly anticipated project named Stellar Lightning was scheduled to be released on 1 December 2018. However, due to some undisclosed events, the deadline was missed and there’s no update regarding the project lately (Stellar Development Foundation, 2018).
Stellar team has only distributed a mere 20% of all its Lumen coins among its users. It plans on distributing the rest of the 80% in the next 10 years. However, not every user will be getting the Stellar Lumens airdrops. Only those user accounts who would have at least 0.05% of all votes would receive the distributed amount. A large share of the cryptocurrency will be retained by the Stellar team. When 20 Billion Lumens were distributed among bitcoin holders, only 2 Billion Lumens were claimed and the Stellar Development Foundation took the remaining 18 Billion Lumens.



The Stellar Development Foundation is an entity solely devoted to the development of the Stellar network. They are working on multiple projects. Frequent code changes and updates are seen on their GitHub repository where over 50 contributors are working actively.


Stellar Pro/Contra

Security Stellar (XLM) offers the same level of security as other ERC-20 tokens.
Adoption Stellar (XLM) is no stranger in the cryptocurrency community and has not only being accepted but has also made its mark.
Transactions per second Theoretically, the Stellar network can handle 1000+ transactions per second, but will, of course, be limited by the type of hardware in use.
Transaction speed Transactions on the Stellar network take 3-5 seconds typically.
Transaction cost According to the official information, a meagre $0.01 will be enough to make 300,000 transactions.
Energy consumption Stellar (XLM) does not rely on mining and is therefore not an energy-intensive cryptocurrency.
Exchange availability Stellar (XLM) is available on many reputable exchanges
Decentralization Stellar (XLM) is not completely decentralized. It has few nodes that verify the network.
Product availability The main goal of Stellar is to build a platform for intercurrency transactions and this platform is not built yet.
Privacy Stellar Lumen transactions are not anonymous. They are pseudonymous, which means that someone who knows your address can easily analyse all your transactions.

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Stellar Foresight


From how things are going, it would not be deceitful to say that Stellar (XLM) might successfully achieve worldwide recognition as an intermediate mode of payment in the banking sector. However, there are many obstacles to clear before that can be achieved.



The main project that Stellar Development Foundation is working on is building a platform that would enable its users to send and receive payments in any currency of their choice. The foundation is also working on the development of an ICO platform of their own so that new altcoins could be built on top of the Stellar Network.



The main hurdle in the successful implementation of the Stellar network seemingly is the possibility that banks would not be in favour of it as it could render them obsolete and affect their stream of revenue. If Stellar (XLM) could somehow get banks to collaborate with them on their network, it could potentially become the most influential intermediary for global transactions.


Stellar Business Case


Perhaps Stellar (XLM) biggest competition is Ripple (XRP). Ripple is the parent technology of Stellar (XLM) and wants to achieve the same goals.



Stellar (XLM) is focusing on bringing the payment processing companies on board for the successful implementation of the Stellar network. One of the advisors of Stellar is the current CEO of Stripe, which is a well-established online payment processing company.
Also, Stellar is in discussions with IBM to create a new blockchain that will be user-centric and will promote the usage of IBM services and Stellar’s technology (Iqbal, 2019).



Stellar (XLM) has consolidated its community over the years. It has more than 100,000 subscribers on the official Stellar (XLM) page on Reddit. It also has become the fifth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.



The main lead of the Stellar Lumen is Jed McCaleb who is an experienced individual with a vast amount of knowledge and business skills. There are around 50 active contributors who tirelessly work to develop and enhance the Stellar network and its products.


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Stellar Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Binance XLM/USDT $ 0.103702 $ 14,853,595 check
# 2 Binance XLM/BTC $ 0.103609 $ 4,811,631 check
# 3 Coinbase Pro XLM/USD $ 0.103602 $ 4,580,118 check
# 4 Coinbase Pro XLM/EUR $ 0.103411 $ 501,010 check
# 5 Kraken XLM/USD $ 0.103300 $ 500,288 check
# 6 Kraken XLM/EUR $ 0.103546 $ 475,707 check
# 7 Coinbase Pro XLM/BTC $ 0.103492 $ 452,810 check
# 8 Binance XLM/ETH $ 0.103439 $ 431,378 check
# 9 Binance XLM/BUSD $ 0.103627 $ 342,988 check
# 10 Bittrex XLM/BTC $ 0.103609 $ 226,217 check


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