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Ripple, the company behind xRapid, xCurrent and XRP solutions continues to invest heavily in developing its ecosystem. Its main objective has always been to increase the intrinsic value of its currency and trading technologies, as well as taking the adoption of cryptocurrencies to a new level. The company recently partnered with MoneyGram, an international money transfer service. The initial idea of ​​the partnership was for MoneyGram to test xRapid and xCurrent as transaction tools. XRapid and xCurrent can be used to settle international transactions fast and cheap.

Fortunately the test seems to have been a success as MoneyGram has announced that it will adopt XRP and Ripple's solutions in full. According to ZyCrypto, xRapid was considered an efficient form of transaction, reducing the time and cost of transfer settlements. Interestingly, the recent partnership was born of a rivalry. Ripple, which is trying to bring a revolution for transfer solutions, had MoneyGram as its direct competitor, since both were in the same industry.

This is where both sides win and the cryptocurrency ecosystem benefits. The news is excellent for the XRP, but there is no price movement yet. XRP remains the third largest in the industry at $ 0.316480 and up 1.5%, moving similarly to the rest of the cryptocurrency. It is possible that when the partnership gains strength, the currency will appreciate more, but this is far from certain. In addition, altcoins have been at a low point for a few weeks..


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What Is Ripple? Ripple Explained for Beginners | Binance Academy

Formerly known as OpenCoin, Ripple is a privately held company, building a payment and exchange network on top of a distributed ledger database. Subscribe to keep up to date with ...

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Country: US
Creation date: 1998-03-13
Expiration date: 2022-03-12
Nameserver: NS-1069.AWSDNS-05.ORG

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Ripple Whitepaper

While several consensus algorithms exist for the Byzantine Generals Problem, specifically as it pertains to distributed payment systems, many suffer from high latency induced by the requirement that all nodes within the network communicate synchronously. The result is a low-latency consensus algorithm which still maintains robustness in the face of Byzantine failures.

The whitepaper of Ripple is 15 Pages long.

The most influencial keywords are: Payment providers, Banks, Banking, Global payments, Transacting, Providing, Ripple, Cost, Networks, and Customers.

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Ripple Competitors

  • 1.) OMG Network

    The OMG network is a scaling solution for finance on Ethereum, enabling transparent, peer-to-peer transactions in real-time. The decentralized network facilitates self-sovereign financial services across geographies, asset classes and applications.

  • 2.) Stellar

    Stellar is an open platform for building financial products that connect people everywhere. Stellar blockchain enables near instant payments, with almost zero fees, and a smart contract platform to create digital asset economy.

  • 3.) Gulden

    With Gulden you send money to each other.


Ripple Product Analysis

Ripple was founded back in April 2013. Its source code was released publicly on github on November 2011 under the Other license.
Organization wise, Ripples Development is and is being developed under the lead of David Schwartz.

The consensus on which the Ripple network is run is called Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm, while the underlying algorithm is called Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm.
In the current state of Ripple currently is Working product

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Ripple Communities & Events

Ripple connects banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce their costs and access new markets. XRP is the fastest and most scalable digital asset today.

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Ripple’s global #payment solutions are helping transform how vulnerable populations, remitters and small businesses worldwide send and receive money across borders. Learn how. 1,415 favorite
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Inclusive language matters. Learn how our #Engineering team removed problematic and outdated terminology from our codebase in the latest #GetTechnical blog. 765 favorite
#Sustainability is a primary ingredient and priority in driving future economic growth. Can you guess how much the adoption of sustainable measures across industries can save the global economy by 2030? Let us know below then read more details in our blog. 421 favorite
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The Google Trends chart displays the search interest on google in Ripple relative to its peak over the last year. A rising chart shows growing interest int he project.

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Market insights

Volume from exchanges is considered untrusted if the exchange has little reputation and no License but reports suspiciously high trading volume in particular coins.

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Ripple Team

Ripple Team Leader

Brad Garlinghouse - Ceo
Brad is the CEO of Ripple and a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to Ripple, Brad served as the CEO of file collaboration service Hightail. From 2009 to 2012 he was President of Consumer Applications at AOL and prior to that he held various executive positions at Yahoo! from 2003 to 2009, including Senior Vice President.

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Ripple Team Members (13)


David Schwartz

Chief technology officer


Ron Will

Chief financial officer


Kahina Van Dyke

Svp of business and corporate development


Cory Johnson

Chief market strategist


Monica Long

Svp of marketing and communications


Marcus Treacher

Svp of customer success


Chris Kanaan

Vp of engineering


Sandi Kochhar

Vp of people


Brynly Llyr

General counsel


John Mitchell

Vp of global sales

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Ripple Product description


Ripple (XRP) is among those few cryptocurrencies that took the market by storm and made their mark in a very short period of time. It doubles as an open payment network and a digital currency. The network aims to free the world from the binding chains of the current payment and financial network. In essence, it provides an alternative to banks, PayPal and credit cards by offering a cross border payment method while charging minimal fees for financial transactions.
As of now, the Ripple network is working on the release of three different products, namely xCurrent, xRapid and xVia. The company is now focussing more on xCurrent and this is the product that has more or less become the identity of the Ripple network. It aims to bring financial institutions like banks on board and allows cross border financial transactions in a faster, secure and cheaper way (Sinha, 2019).



Among the three products offered by the Ripple network, up till now, xCurrent is the most developed. It is a solution for cross-border payments, which as of now, are very time consuming and include high costs. Ripple offers instant transfers between borders and charges minimal fees. However, banks although very interested in the technology, are reluctant to use the RippleXRP token due to its high fluctuation, which has become a major issue for the Ripple Company.



The minds behind the Ripple technology are Chris Larsen and McCaleb. McCaleb is a competent, skilful programmer and has several ventures to his name. He founded the famous file sharing program eDonkey2000, which was put down by the regulatory authorities and he was forced to pay $30 million in compensation (Mennecke, 2006). Afterward, he created the website MtGox (which was hacked on June 2011 – USD 9 million were stolen). He later sold the website, while still holding a considerable amount of shares of it (McCormack, 2019).
McCaleb co-founded Ripple in 2012 with Larsen, but his term there was short-lived. He left the Ripple network in 2014 to start out his own cryptocurrency venture Stellar Lumens which is considered as a Ripple fork. Currently, Larsen is single-handedly leading the Ripple Team.


How things stand for Ripple


Ripple’s first critique, which was a rather strong one is that the Ripple network is not decentralized. Ripple holds more than 50% of the total supply of RippleXRP tokens and thus can control the validation processes on the network. Obviously, with every other cryptocurrency offering a decentralized technology network, this was not welcomed by the public (Mix, 2018).
In December 2018, a detrimental story was uncovered by an independent researcher, Geoff Goldberg. According to the irrefutable evidence unearthed, it was alleged at some point that Ripple was using fake social media bots to lure the new users into developing an interest towards the Ripple network. This greatly damaged the reputation of the institute and further raised questions towards the integrity of the technology (Caldwell, 2019).
Ripple also made it into news, after the famous actor, Ashton Kutcher, donated $4 million to the DeGeneres Wildlife Fund live at the Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show through the Ripple network. He also stated that Ripple is an amazing technology and he himself has invested in this technology (TheEllenShow, 2018).



The company has rolled out the test version of the Ripple XRP token. There is not much information available in relation to the current state and progress of the product. However, the GitHub profile of Ripple looks very busy and seems like the team is working really hard to keep it upgraded and updated (Ripple Team, 2019).


Ripple Pro/Contra

Security Ripple offers relatively high security. The coin has been around for a while and has made quite an impression on multiple occasions.
Transactions per second Ripple network can handle many more transactions per second compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Transaction speed The transaction speed is much higher compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Transaction cost The transaction fees are much lower compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Energy consumption The energy consumption is low compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Product availability The product is already available and is currently undergoing test in its beta mode.
Exchange availability The coin is available on the major trusted exchanges.
Adoption The coin has a low acceptance rate compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Decentralization The coin is centralized with Ripple owning the majority of the XRP supply.
Privacy Transactions with this coin are pseudonymous and thus can be tracked.

remove_red_eye Ripple Market Review by Coinpaper


Ripple Foresight


The Ripple product xCurrent has a bright future in the crypto market. However, the success of the Ripple XRP token heavily depends upon recognition and acceptance by financial institutions as a token for transactional purposes. The main hindrance towards making the Ripple XRP acceptable is not only its high volatility and unstable behaviour, but also getting the bank to trust the technology. Financial institutions like banks might not be interested in giving full control of a very high-profile transaction to the Ripple network. What banks might be interested in would be to create an ecosystem of their own, with partnerships and collaborations with other banks in order to use the xCurrent technology. This would serve their purpose better.



There are no new projects in the company’s pipeline. They are currently focusing on the already announced products and much of the efforts are directed towards making it better and marketing of the technology, to attract businesses for partnerships and to attract potential investors for the Ripple XRP token.



The potential that this technology holds is exceptionally huge. For this very same reason, financial institutions are reluctant to promote the usage of Ripple because the network, if it becomes implemented, could damage the importance of the banking network. If the Ripple coin XRP is adopted by major banks, it would see a bright future.


Ripple Business Case


The biggest threat to the Ripple Network currently is Stellar Lumen. Stellar was created by the co-founder of Ripple, McCaleb, and is evidently a forked (copied) version of the Ripple technology.



Ripple has managed to get into a mutual agreement of partnerships with several businesses. On February 3, 2018, Ripple signed a mutual agreement with the multinational Spanish Bank, Santander Group. The bank will use and promote Ripple product xCurrent, but will not be using the Ripple XRP token for the transactional processes (Sokolov, 2019).
Another development in the making is the partnership with the Fleetcor Indusind Bank. They will be making use of the xCurrent technology but it is still unclear as to whether they will be making use of the Ripple XRP token or not (Jagati, 2018).



The Ripple community has one of the most active user communities in the crypto-world. This could be indicated when XRP made it to the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. The community has strengthened and indicators of high user activity and involvement are seen. The community promotes and shares recent information and developments to attract new people towards the technology.



The Ripple Foundation is currently being lead by the CEO, Brad Garlinghouse. The team includes many experienced individuals with knowledge in both technical and financial services.


compare_arrows Ripple Exchanges

Ripple Markets

# Exchange Pair Price 24h Volume Trusted
# 1 Binance XRP/BTC $ 0.417401 $ 46,387,528 check
# 2 Bitstamp XRP/USD $ 0.418970 $ 29,393,361 check
# 3 Binance XRP/BUSD $ 0.418601 $ 20,192,226 check
# 4 Bitfinex XRP/USD $ 0.418850 $ 13,332,412 check
# 5 Kraken XRP/EUR $ 0.419024 $ 13,243,955 check
# 6 Bitstamp XRP/EUR $ 0.418179 $ 11,145,174 check
# 7 Kraken XRP/USD $ 0.418610 $ 7,842,950 check
# 8 Binance XRP/ETH $ 0.418780 $ 6,034,030 check
# 9 Binance XRP/BNB $ 0.418410 $ 3,713,413 check
# 10 Poloniex XRP/USDT $ 0.418499 $ 3,651,248 check


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